Thursday, June 18, 2009



In roughly preferential order

1.PLAYING THE VICTIM (2006, Kirill Serebrennikov, Russia, A+)

2.CERTIFIABLY JONATHAN (2008, Jim Pasternak, USA, A+)

3.BLIND PIG WHO WANTS TO FLY (2008, Edwin, Indonesia, A+)

Wise Kwai wrote about this film here

4.CHEESE HEAD (2006, Ariel Winograd, Argentina, A+)

5.STEALTH (2008, Lionel Baier, France, A+)

6.EAGLE VS SHARK (2008, Taika Waititi, New Zealand, A+)

7.KINNUNEN (2007, Andri Luup, Estonia, A+)

8.DRIVING TO ZIGZIGLAND (2006, Nicole Ballivian, USA/Palestine, A+)

9.WELCOME TO THE STICKS (2008, Dany Boon, France, A+)

10.KIDNAPPING, CAUCASIAN STYLE (1967, Leonid Gaidai, Soviet, A)


12.FRIDAY 12 (2009, Vladimir Zaikin, Russia, B+)

13.LOVE MATTERS (2009, Jack Neo + Gilbert Chan, Singapore, B+)

14.SKILLS LIKE THIS (2008, Monty Miranda, Canada, B-)


merveillesxx said...

Wahhh... It's pity that I didn't watch PLAYING tHE VICTIM. T_T

Wise Kwai said...

Were all these films really comedies? Seriously?

Ha ha.

How much did you laugh?

celinejulie said...

--Merveillesxx, I wish I had time to see SILENT WEDDING. There are so many events to attend in June.

I think it is highly likely that you may like PLAYING THE VICTIM, because the film has some elements of Michael Haneke in it. Its ending is quite predictable, though, but it ends the way I want it.

celinejulie said...

--Wisekwai, I think it depends on which definition of COMEDY you choose to use. Some of these films are not real comedies, but I love them all the same. In my personal opinion, I would like to define COMEDY as “any kind of film which has some comedic parts in it”, so the world comedy film festival can include any great films which have a little bit of comedic parts in them, such as BLIND PIG WHO WANTS TO FLY. I really support that the World Comedy Film Festival uses the broadest definition of comedy. This festival reminds me of the Bangkok Experimental Film Festival last year, which showed some great documentaries which are not really experimental. I love film festivals like these—they focus on showing great films, instead of focusing on “definition”. :-)

--CERTIFIABLY JONATHAN made me laugh a lot. As for some other films, they might not make me laugh out loud, but they made me “feel good” or “have a good mood”, which is what I expect from great comedies. :-)

Wise Kwai said...

I wanted to see CERTIFIABLY JONATHAN, but the timings didn't suit me.

In fact, the timing of this entire festival seemed a bit off.

And timing is one of the keys to comedy.

I support film festivals in Thailand in general, and I agree that the definition of comedy is very broad, open to experimentation and that there are many types of films that can be called comedies, even if they don't make you laugh a big hardy-har-har belly laugh.

I wish there had been an effort to get people in the seats to see the movies, though I am not sure what that would involve. Having an audience helps me see the humor sometimes.