Tuesday, March 02, 2010


This is my comment in Zach's blog:

I just saw THE CRIMINAL OF BARRIO CONCEPCION (1998, Lav Diaz) and my friend Filmsick thinks that it should be compared to BUTTERFLIES HAVE NO MEMORIES, because both films deal with kidnapping and a kidnapper with some sorts of humanity in him. I think the main difference between both films can be described by your words, because THE CRIMINAL OF BARRIO CONCEPCION is "in the vein of novelistic, richly structured moral exposé", but does not fully belong to "the "slow", "meandering," small-s surrealist paradigm of contemporary festival cinema".

(However, I think THE CRIMINAL OF BARRIO CONCEPCION can be called "slow" if you compared it to action-kidnapping films such as MAN ON FIRE, but it is still much faster than other films by Lav Diaz.)

This is a photo of Raymond Bagatsing, the main actor of THE CRIMINAL OF BARRIO CONCEPCION:

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