Sunday, April 03, 2011

DÉCHAÎNÉES (2008, Raymond Vouillamoz, Switzerland, A+++++)


Things I like in this film include:

1.Adele Haenel, who also gives a wonderful performance in WATER LILIES (2007, Céline Sciamma, A+) and THE DEVILS (2002, Christophe Ruggia, A++++++++++).

2. The abortion topic. The film presents this topic in a very interesting way. The heroine, who is 19-year-old, is 4-week pregnant. Her nice boyfriend, who is studying for a Master's Degree, loves her very much and decides that he will marry her and they will raise the child together. But after the heroine sees a woman who is busy trying to control her own children, she decides to have an abortion.

That's what makes me worship this film. While many films choose to end with the birth of a child or the pregnancy of the heroine, or present the image of a woman happily raising her own children, "the image of a woman raising her own children" here is the real cause that makes the heroine decides to have an abortion. The "happy ending" of this film is the opposite of the happy endings of many films that I saw.

I think this film should be screened together with GOD'S OFFICES (2008, Claire Simon, A+++++) and LE PROCÈS DE BOBIGNY (2006, François Luciani, A+++++), starring Sandrine Bonnaire and Anouk Grinberg, which also talk about abortion issues in an interesting way.

THE UNBORN CHILD (SOP DEK 2002) (2011, Arnont Mingkwanta + James Thanadol, Thailand, B+) also talks about the abortion issue, though it may present very different opinions on this topic from DÉCHAÎNÉES, GOD'S OFFICES, and LE PROCÈS DE BOBIGNY.

3. DÉCHAÎNÉES also talks about film preservation and vinegar syndrome. This is the topic which is a huge problem in Thailand, too. Many old Thai films are lost forever because there is not enough film preservation. This topic also reminds me of the film MANÔ (2005, Georges Felner, Portugal, A+++++).

4.The character played by Irène Jacob in this film is interesting. She is not happy to see her daughter getting married with a nice husband, because she wants her daughter to have sex with many many men first, or have a lot of sexual experiences, before getting married.

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