Sunday, May 08, 2011

THE CINDERELLA (2011, Saravuth Intaraprom, A)

I like the article written by Anusorn Tipayanon in Bioscope Magazine Issue 114 (May 2011) very much. This article is about the horror film THE CINDERELLA (หนังผี) (2011, Saravuth Intaraprom, A). I think I even like this article more than the film.

What I like in THE CINDERELLA includes:

1.It really looks like a grade-B film.

2.The performance of Anchalee Saisoontorn (WONDERFUL TOWN, PANATIPATA)

3.The scene in which Anchalee tries to "perform" to deceive the serial killer.

4.The opening sequence.

5.How the film exploits male actors.

6. If I remember it correctly, there is a poster of MIMIC (1997, Guillermo Del Toro, A-) in this film. I think the inclusion of this poster is very apt.

Saravuth has also directed BOYFRIEND THE MOVIE (2007, B+), CROC (2008, A+), BORING LOVE (2009, A-), and THE SNOW WHITE (2010, A+/A). BOYFRIEND and BORING LOVE are gay films. THE SNOW WHITE and THE CINDERELLA are horror films. CROC is a gay horror film. I think I prefer his horror films to his gay films because his films lack "the human elements". I mean his characters don't really look like "human beings" to me. There is something crude in how he treats his characters. This weak point is a very important thing in gay films, but it is not an important thing in a horror film.

This photo shows Siwawat Suppinyo and Haris Nopparit, two supporting actors in THE CINDERELLA.

More photos from THE CINDERELLA can be viewed from the link below:

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