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This list is made for Filmsick. The list is about films I think should be screened alongside LA CEREMONIE (1995, Claude Chabrol), which is one of my most favorite films of all time.


1.BALL OF FAT (2011, Philippe Bérenger, France, from the writing of Guy de Maupassant)


2.BREMEN FREEDOM (1972, Rainer Werner Fassbinder, West Germany)


3.CLAUDE GUEUX (2009, Olivier Schatzky, France, from the writing of Victor Hugo)


4.COUP POUR COUP (1972, Marin Karmitz, France)


5.CRAINQUEBILLE (2010, Philippe Monnier, France)


6.DERNIER MAQUIS (2008, Rabah Ameur-Zaïmeche, France)


7.DÉSENCHANTÉE – Mylène Farmer (1991, Laurent Boutonnat)


8.ELECTRA, MY LOVE (1974, Miklós Jancsó, Hungary)


Favorite quote from ELECTRA, MY LOVE:

" I, Electra, am speaking
Truth speaks and the law
Cursed be every tyrant
And blessed be every man who resists tyranny
Blessed be every man whom a tyrant destroys

I, Electra, who doesn't forget
While one person lives who doesn't forget
No one can forget

You have no power over me
Because Electra tortured is Electra
Electra dead is Electra
You have no power over me
Because I am justice

Though I know I can't kill you, I wait and don't forget
Every man you killed lives on in me

Once upon a time there lived in the faraway orient a wonderful bird. Brighter than the sun, more dazzling than the rainbow, lovelier than a jewel, for it was born of man's eternal dreams. Its father was liberty, its mother happiness. Wherever the bird flew, the heavy clouds parted, the sun shone, rainbows glistened in the sky, suffering abated, the oppressed stood tall, the weary gained strength, the poor grew angry. On it flew, westward, and people's faith grew stronger. Their strength increased.

And once landowners and factory workers cease to be, and there is neither bourgeois nor proletarian, rich or poor, oppressor or oppressed. Once there is not too much food for some, and not enough for others, when all may partake equally on the basket of plenty, when all shall sit as equals at justice's table, when the spirit shall shine in every window, then, and only then shall man live a life worthy of him, one of liberty, joy, peace. Yet the firebird shall still fly here above us, and still perish every day, to be reborn even more wondrous the day after. Blessed be your name, revolution.


9.ELISE, OR REAL LIFE (1970, Michel Drach, France)


10.THE HOME AND THE WORLD (1984, Satyajit Ray, India)


11.MOTHER (1926, Vsevolod Pudovkin, Soviet Union)


12.MS. F (2008, Wilma Labate, Italy)


13.RED PSALM (1971, Miklós Jancsó, Hungary)


Favorite quote from RED PSALM (from some songs the character sing continuously):

"Friends, sing together, the sad song and crowned work
Only the rich people have a fatherland
The valley and the field belong to them
We built their palate
Who dominate us so proudly
Who dominate us so proudly?
But, what are there for us in these campaigns?
Nothing is with us, not a piece
Only our tomb, all at the end,
When we leave this bagne
Take care with the hungry people!
All will become insurrectionists!
They will rise! They will kill!
Tomorrow, we will be free!

The wild anger of the tempest struck us
Every damnation of vicious hell upon us
The day for our final attack is nearing
Who knows what the future brings?
We look forward with proud hearts,
We carry the red flag of the workers, ...

With too many lords, there's no freedom
With too many rich, there's even more poor
With too many pomp, men don't work
With too much past, the present is poor
With so much ignorance, there are many tyrants
Where there are many pharisees, their humanism is rare.


14.SARI SOLDIERS (2008, Julie Bridgham, Nepal, documentary)


15.THE SECOND AWAKENING OF CHRISTA KLAGES (1978, Margarethe von Trotta, Germany)


16.VICTOR SCHOELCHER, THE ABOLITIONIST (1998, Paul Vecchiali, France)



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