Saturday, August 29, 2009

COCKTAIL (2009, Dangkamol na Pombejra, A+)

This is my comment in Dechito's blog:

I like this play very much, though I think if I were the heroine's secretary, I might have quit the job. One thing that I like very much in this play is the fact that it can make entertainment out of a serious subject. I think it is more entertaining than LORENZO'S OIL (1992, George Miller, A+), which also deals with chemical problems. I think this play is as effective as the documentary SICKO (Michael Moore, A+), which deals with the public healthcare system of USA. I also like the fact that this play is against how some people worship "profits" and "market" more than humanity, though I wonder if it would be better or not if the play chooses to portray the villains from foreign chemical/drug company as "people who look like us", rather than portraying them as "people who look much more villainous than us", so that the play can remind us that people who worship profits too much are actually all around us. They don't look different from us. They may even look more respectable than us. They may even be a part of ourselves.


This is my comment in INITIAL A's blog:
ชอบหนังเรื่องนี้มากๆ โดยเฉพาะตอนที่ล้อเลียนพฤติกรรมของพวกคนดูมวยปล้ำ


This is my comment in Twilight Virus' blog:

เห็นมีหนังใหม่ของ Suzana Amaral ฉายในเทศกาลโตรอนโตปีนี้ด้วย ก็เลยนึกขึ้นมาได้ว่า เคยเห็นชื่อของ Suzana Amaral ครั้งแรกในบล็อกของพี่ เพราะพี่ให้หนังเรื่อง HOUR OF THE STAR (1985) ของเธอติดอยู่ในรายชื่อหนังที่กำกับโดยผู้หญิงที่พี่ชอบด้วย


initial A said...

I was a staff of this stageplay meanwhile I have watched this.I agree with your comment but I think the director wanted the villians to look laughable rather than more villianuos

celinejulie said...

I hope you enjoy working for this stage play. :-)

While I was watching this play, I didn't know that Krissana is still alive. So while I was watching the Africa part, I feared a lot that she would be killed like in the film GORILLAS IN THE MIST.