Monday, February 22, 2010


Animation Unlimited

This program will be shown at the Reading Room on Saturday, Feb 27, at 1400 hrs.

Animation Master
The (Almost) Complete Works of Georges Schwizgebel (Switzerland, 70min)

Hors-jeu (1977)
Perspectives (1975)
Le vol d'lcare (1974)
Le sujet du tableau (1989)
Le ravissement de Frank N. Stein (1982)
78 Tours (1985)
Nakounine (1986)
La course à l'abîme (1992)
The Year of the Deer (1995)
Zig Zag (1996)Fugue (1998)
The Young Girl and the Cloud (2001)
The Man with No Shadow (2004)
Jeu (2006)

Classic Animations (138min)
25 Ways To Quit Smoking (USA, 1989, 5min) Bill Plympton

Intolerance & Intolerance II (Phil Mulloy, USA, 2000 & 2001, 25min)

Intolerance III - The Final Solution (Phil Mulloy, USA, 2004, 24min)

The Vanished World Of Gloves (Jiri Barta, Czechoslovakia, 1982, 16min)

Balance (Lauenstein Brother, Germany, 1989, 7min)

Tango (Zbigniew Rybczynski, Poland, 1982, 8min)

Au Bout Du Monde (France, 1998, 8min)

Konstantin BronzitCrac (Frederic Back, Canada, 1980, 15min)

Special Delivery (John Weldon & Eunice Macaulay Strange, Canada, 1978, 7min)

The Old Lady And The Pigeons (Sylvain Chomet, France, 1998, 22min)

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