Sunday, February 14, 2010


From my Facebook:

I just didn't enjoy FROM PARIS WITH LOVE, and I'm not sure why. I think it may be because:

1.It has no characters I can identify with. The opposite case is RAGING PHOENIX (2009, Rashane Limtrakul, A+).

2.I cannot empathize with the heroes of FROM PARIS WITH LOVE. The opposite case is TAKEN (2008, Pierre Morel, A). It is much easier for me to empathize with the hero of TAKEN. If my husband is kidnapped, I would kill everyone to get my husband back. That's why I understand the hero of TAKEN. But I can't imagine myself being in the same position as the heroes of FROM PARIS WITH LOVE.

Talking about TAKEN, Zach Campbell wrote some interesting things about TAKEN here:

3.The leading actors cannot "fight" (with martial arts). The opposite cases include KISS OF THE DRAGON (2001, Chris Nahon, A), starring Jet Li; or BANLIEUE 13 – ULTIMATUM (2009, Patrick Alessandrin, A+). However, I hate THE TRANSPORTER (2002, Corey Yuen, C+), though Jason Statham can fight. These four films are all produced by Luc Besson.

4.If the heroes of the film cannot fight, at least I hope they can fight with their brains like the ones in SHERLOCK HOLMES (2009, Guy Ritchie, A+++++). But both the heroes and the plot of FROM PARIS WITH LOVE seem so dumb compared to SHERLOCK HOLMES.

5.FROM PARIS WITH LOVE seems to treat ethnic characters in a suspicious way. I prefer the way BANLIEUE 13 – ULTIMATUM treats its ethnic characters.

6.FROM PARIS WITH LOVE lacks colorful supporting characters. The opposite cases include KISS OF THE DRAGON, BANLIEUE 13 – ULTIMATUM, or G.I. JOE: THE RISE OF COBRA (2009, Stephen Sommers, A+/A).

7.I'm just bored with John Travolta.

8.FROM PARIS WITH LOVE might easily get A+ from me, if the film just tells all of its story from the viewpoint of the villainess, and focuses on her conflicting emotions. One second she wants to kill the hero, another second she feels she loves the hero, another second she feels she loves her brainwasher, another second she enjoys making love to the hero, or something like that. This imaginary film would be a perfect companion to BETRAYED (1988, Costa-Gavras, A++++++++++).

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