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CHANGING (Nipaporn Kunsing + Pimpetch Pimtong, A+++++)

ALLONS-Y! ALONZO! (2009, Camille Moulin-Dupré, France, animation, A+)


1.CHANGING (Nipaporn Kunsing + Pimpetch Pimtong, A+++++)
ความเปลี่ยนแปลง (นิภาพร ขันสิงห์ + พิมพ์เพชร พิมพ์ทอง)
My comment in Thai on CHANGING:

2.CIVIC EDUCATION ON CLIPS (Shunya Thawit-angkoon, 20 min, A+++++)
คลิปใหม่คนใหม่หัวใจพลเมือง (ชัญญา ธวิตอังกูร)

3.A VERY LONELY SINGLE ISOLATION MAN (Palakorn Kleungfak, 15 min, A+++++)
ความเดียวดายที่ล่องลอยบนมวลอารมณ์ (พลากร กลึงฟัก)
My favorite scene in the film is the one in which the voiceovers of two lonely men on a rooftop are heard at the same time. The film is a parody on many Thai short films which deal with lonely men/women. I think the film is extremely funny.

There are now a few Thai short films which seem to be parodies on other films or on some kinds of films/genres. The problem with some parodies is that they may look like they hold "other people's personal tastes" in contempt (which means they can't accept the fact that each person is different from one another), or they may not really understand the things they parody. It is a very tricky act. If the parody filmmakers are not careful, your parodies may make some viewers think you look down on other people/filmmakers.

It is hard to judge whether each parody is a sincere comedy (the filmmakers just want us to laugh, but not look down on other filmmakers), a sharp observation on a genre of films, or an expression of contempt for other people's personal tastes. I think each viewer can decide for himself/herself which parody belongs to which group. As for my personal opinion, I think A VERY LONELY SINGLE ISOLATION MAN is a sharp observation on a genre of Thai films.

Other parodies for the viewers to decide:

3.1 ONCE UPON A TIME (กาลครั้งหนึ่ง) (Warawut Wachirapakorn, A)
Is this film a parody?

3.2 SLEEP (นอน) (2009, Nathan Homsup, 6 min, A+)
Is this film a parody?

3.3 STILL (แช่) (Palakorn Kleungfak, A)

3.4 YOU HAVE TO WAIT, ANYWAY (2007, Nawapol Thamrongrattanarit, 22 min, A+)

4.KONTHAN (Witchupong Sookwichai, 20 min, A++++++)
คนธรรพ์ (วิชชุพงษ์ สุขวิชัย)

5.OWN (2009, Wiwat Lertwiwatwongsa, 5 min, A+)
ครอง (วิวัฒน์ เลิศวิวัฒน์วงศา)
You can watch this film here:

6.WOODMAN (Pathompong Lomchai, 8 min, A+)
คนตัดไม้ (ปฐมพงษ์ ลมชาย)

7.SMOKE (Pongtawee Srilasuk, 11 min, A+)
ควันทรงจำ (พงษ์ทวี ศรีลาศักดิ์)

8.JOCKEY BOY (Kobboon Chatkraiseree, documentary, 19 min, A+/A)
คนเลี้ยงม้า (กอบบุญ ฉัตรไกรเสรี)

9.HE (Amornlarp Promsuwan, 5 min, A+/A)
คน (อมรลาภ พรหมสุวรรณ)

10.THE GOOD PEOPLE OF LOMTUAN VILLAGE (Gun Sangkaew, documentary, 7 min, A)
คนดีแห่งบ้านลมทวน (กันต์ แสงแก้ว)

11.MY HAPPY FAMILY (Punja Saithong, 10 min, A)
ครอบครัวแสนสุขของฉัน (ปัญจะ สายทอง)

12. WHAT IS THE DEFINITION OF GOOD PEOPLE? (Wacharapol Saisongkroh + Krissada Sutpattanakul, documentary, 15 min, A/A-)
คนดี คืออะไร? (วัชรพล สายสงเคราะห์ + กฤษฎา สุทธ์พัฒนกุล)
I like the lesbian couple in this film very much. I also like the fact that each person is different. For one person, doing a good thing is easy. For another person, doing a bad thing is easy. You cannot apply "your truth" to other people. Other people have their own truth. Doing a good thing may be easy for you, but you must not assume that it will always be true for other people. I like it very much that the film interviews people who think differently about this issue.

The reason I give it only A/A- is just because the topic of "good people" is not interesting for me personally.

13.THOUGHTS (Orathai Tong-udom, 5 min, A/A-)
ความคิด (อรทัย ทองอุดม)

14.DEAD MAN (Prem Plittapolkranpim, 6 min, A-)
คนตาย (เปรม ผลิตผลการพิมพ์)

15.KON FAI LOOK (Somporn Inaon, 2 min, B+)
คนไฟลุก (สมพร อินอ่อน)

16.CHANG (Nattawut Norasetsrisook, 2 min, B+)
คนไทยหัวใจเดียวกัน (ณัฐวุฒิ นรเสธศรีสุข)

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