Thursday, July 08, 2010

RED MOVIE (2010, The Underground Office, A++++++++++)


1.RED MOVIE (2010, The Underground Office, 30 min, A++++++++++)
แกะแดง (สำนักงานใต้ดิน)
I don't know if this film can be called a cinematic pamphlet or not. Though I may not agree with the political standpoint of this film, I still worship this film for at least two main reasons—its power of suppressed anger (ความคับแค้นใจ) and its weirdness.

There are at least three scenes I worship in this film:

1.1 The scene of three labor-class people eating
1.2 The scene of a lame man and a censorship effect which tries in vain to cover the face of the lame man
1.3 The scene of two people walking in the street in the dark, before everything turns into butterflies

I don't know what these scenes mean, but somehow RED MOVIE makes me believe in the power of cinema.

2. BANGKOK 2021 A.D. DIRECTOR'S CUT (Alwa Ritsila, 86 min, A+++++)
กรุงเทพมหานครเมืองโคตรมนุษย์ คริสต์ศักราช 2021 (ฉบับผู้กำกับ)

3. CHAIR (Atetya Saisa-ard, animation, 7 min, A+/A)
เก้าอี้ (อเทตยา สายสะอาด)

4.THANK YOU, UNCLE BOONMEE (Korakot Nonkookaitkong, documentary, 47 min, A/A-)
ขอบคุณ ลุงบุญมี (กรกฎ โนนคู่เขตโขง)

5. ASK THE STAR (Nuttorn Kungwanklai, animation, 4 min, A-)
ขอดาว (ณัฏฐ์ธร กังวาลไกล)

6. TRASH (Raywat Supaluck, 8 min, A-)
ขยะ (เรวัติ ศุภลักษณ์)

REWARDED TOY (Soratus Puengsiricharoen, animation, 1 min)
ของเล่นที่ได้รางวัล (สรทัศน์ ปึงศิริเจริญ)
I give this film "no grade" because I don't understand the dialogue in this film.

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