Saturday, March 10, 2012

THE CHILDREN'S HOUR (2012, Passasupang Kongbumrung, 180 min, A++++++++++)

เรื่อง (รัก) ลับของครูแคเรน

Though the performances by some actors in this lesbian play are not perfect, I still like this play very much, because I like stories like this. It deals with prejudice, discrimination, and evil in ordinary people in our societies. The reason why I like the story of THE CHILDREN'S HOUR is the same reason why I like the stories in these plays and films:

1.THE CRUCIBLE (2010, Malinda Pamornsuwan, stage play)
2.DOUBT: A PARABLE (2011, Ninart Boonpothong, stage play)
3.I-FAK (2004, Pantham Thongsangl)
4.THE JUDGMENT (1989, Permpol Choei-aroon)
5.THE MURDER OF MARY PHAGAN (1988, William Hale)
6.THE POB'S HOUSE (2010, Ukrit Sa-nguanhai)

Some scenes in THE CHILDREN'S HOUR are very intense. These scenes make me feel a strong urge to slap the faces of some characters in the play. It reminds me of the kind of feelings I had while I was watching the film WOMEN PRISON (1988, David Lam). In that Hong Kong film, the bitchiness of some characters and the extremely intense situations in the film make the viewers want to jump into the film to help the heroine fight against the villainesses.

As for THE CHILDREN'S HOUR, I also like the hairstyle, the costume, and the personality of the character Martha Dobie very much, because it unintentionally reminds me of the German actress Irm Hermann.

I think the ending of the play is interesting. It feels realistic to me. I wonder if I am the one who writes the play, instead of Lillian Hellman, how will I end the play? I think I may end the play by making it a revenge fantasy, instead of ending it realistically like this. I may end the play by making it resemble BAISE-MOI + DOGVILLE (Lars von Trier). In my imaginative ending, the heroines will get revenge at the end by killing Amelia Tilford, Mary, and some other people in the town, before they commit suicide.