Wednesday, March 07, 2012

INTERNATIONAL ARTIST? (ASIA VERSION) (2012, Wantanee Siripattananuntakul, A++++++++++++++++)

This art work comes in the form of Snakes and Ladders game. Many squares in the game contain some anecdotes of or funny parodies on the Thai art scene. The events described in the square can move you up or down in the game.

The events described in the squares are something like this:

1.You give tiger balm (ยาหม่อง) to art exhibition attendees. A curator is impressed by this kind of art very much. Your career is advanced a lot.

2. You cook spicy papaya salad (ส้มตำ) for art exhition attendees, but it gives them diarrhea. Your exhibition is shut down.

3. Your film project THE LOVE SPELL OF GRANNY MIAN (มนต์รักยายเมี้ยน) gets a lot of attention.

This art work is in the exhibition CULTURE: COMMEMORABLE, FORMLESS, SHADOWLESS, which is held on the fourth floor of BACC until March 11, 2012.