Sunday, January 19, 2014

Favorite quote from THE OTHER SIDE OF THE UNDERNEATH (1972, Jane Arden, A+30)

Underneath my nightie, guess who it is

Underneath my nightie, guess what I got

Underneath my nightie, guess who I am

All together, fellas, it’s your castrating mum.

That’s who I am, your castrating mum.

I’m your Bar Room and your Auntie Flo. Ha ha ha ha ha

Smacked your little bottie.

Trained you on the po.

Big as a mountain

Remember Ursula, Raquel and the lovely Diana

Tits like an iron grid

All together, fellas.

Guess who I am. It’s your castrating mum.

And now a little Eine Kleine Nacht Musik.

Ever since ve are just little toddlers

Und you lay by Christ

How you lay

You lay the vay

You lay today in my lap

Und my hand went smack

You so frightened me with your little vee vee. Ha ha ha

I could bite him off as soon as spit.

Et maintenant, peut-être

Tu aimes la petit bébé

Je veux moi aime

your big hairy spider chews up little flies

Big as your eyes.

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