Sunday, March 12, 2017

.ANTS IN THE LEGS (2016, Danielle Zorbas, Australia, 41min, A+30)

.ANTS IN THE LEGS (2016, Danielle Zorbas, Australia, 41min, A+30)

(This is the English translation of what I wrote in Thai on Saturday, with some added comments)

You can watch the film from the link below. When I saw this film, I couldn’t help crying out “Oh my god!” every minute. The film overwhelms me completely. It certainly will be in the list of my top ten most favorite films I saw in 2017. I can’t decide which scene in this film is the weirdest scene. One of my most favorite scenes is the scene in which the characters are practising in a yoga lesson while playing something like a ouija board at the same time (around minute 7-8 in the film). The moment that I like the most in this film occurs in minute 15. It is the moment when the film cuts suddenly from a scene which looks funny but cheap like a scene in Poj Arnont’s films (the scene which portrays a mad woman harassing some people in public or something like that) to a romantic scene which portrays a man and a woman wearing sunglasses and dancing in a club. The atmosphere or feeling of this romantic scene reminds me of Wong Kar-wai’s or Claire Denis’ films. How could any filmmaker in this world dare to connect a scene which feels like Poj Arnont’s films to a scene which feels like Wong Kar-wai’s films?!?!?! The juxtaposition of these two scenes is the kind of thing I have never seen before. So the moment in minute 15, when these two scenes collide with each other, is one of my most favorite “editing” moments of all the films I have ever seen in my entire life.

Two of my most favorite scenes in this film are the scene in which the two women keep bumping onto each other in a gallery, and the scene in which the woman tries some sunglasses.

This film reminds me of two of my most favorite films of all time. One is I-BE AREA (2007, Ryan Trecartin), because both ANTS IN THE LEGS and I-BE AREA are extremely funny and energetic, and portray the filmmakers in various styles. The other film is VIDEO 50 (1978, Robert Wilson), because both VIDEO 50 and ANTS IN THE LEGS put scenes which seem to be unrelated to each other with each other, and sometimes this kind of weird juxtaposition results in one of the most hilarious moments I have ever experienced in my life.

Moreover, ANTS IN THE LEGS reminds me of some “bad films which are full of unintentionally funny moments”, such as GUARDIANS (2017, Sarik Andreasyan) and BOXING IN LOVE (2016, Rearngsak Meesiri + Kriangsak Pintusornsri). The difference is that for ANTS IN THE LEGS, the fun is intentional, not unintentional like in those bad films.

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