Saturday, April 17, 2010


This is my comment in Tete Cinema's blog:

I think WEB OF DECEPTION is one of my most favorite films of all time. I haven't seen I'M NOT A PROSTITUTE, but it sounds interesting. I like one scene in JE VEUX VOIR very much. It's the scene in which the car is stuck among landmines. The scene feels so real. If the scene was real, I imagine Catherine Deneuve would have felt scared shitless to be in that scene. She would have thought, "How I was so wrong to accept to be in this film! Now I'm going to die because I decided to star in this film." I think the blurred lines between truth and fiction in this film is the reason why I feel this scene is very exciting. It allows me to imagine that the real Catherine Deneuve was in peril, not just "a fictional character" was in peril. There are some landmine scenes I like in other films, such as the ones in WEDDING IN GALILEE (1987, Michel Khleifi, A+), and in one episode in the TV series SUKEBAN DEKA 2, in which the heroine has to use both her steel mask and her yoyo to rescue a little baby among landmines while fighting the villain who uses boomerang as a weapon at the same time. The landmine scenes in these two works are very exciting, but because I know these scenes are fictional, these scenes don't scare me as much as the landmine scene in JE VEUX VOIR.

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vespertine said...

Yes. That scene is very good because
1. it tells that Beruit i very dangerous. Taking the wrong road may kill you.

2. it blurs the line between real and fiction. I dont know anymore that this scene was created to be the conflict in the story or not. It looks real but it looks suspicios too, which is great.

3. It’s like the peak scene for Deneuve. I agree with your point about “How I was so wrong to accept to be in this film! Now I’m going to die because I decided to star in this film.”. Firstly she was uncomfortable in the car when the story started (such as they didt have anythin to say to each other), then the Labanese actor left her on the street while he s searching for his home. I’m quite believe Deneuve worried like an actress without someone direct her and dindt know where the story went. I love one scene when Deneuve told the Labanese actor that "she must come back to the gala in the evening".

4. I really love the final scene because it shows how good Deneuve is. With only her eyes, she turns this political drama into a love story. When her glamorous eyes and glamourous appearance looking for the lebanese actor and then found him, it’s so romantic.