Sunday, April 18, 2010


I decided to throw away five pairs of my old shoes because my room has no space left. I feel so sad. I picked up these shoes from a place near a trash can fifteen years ago. They are much too small for my feet, but I could stand on them and pretended to wear them when my friends visited me. These shoes contain a lot of good memories for me. My most favorite pairs of shoes are the ones with glass heels.

Before I threw them away, I tried to stand on one of the shoes again. But the heel suddenly broke. I think it is because I have gained 20 kilograms of weight during the past 15 years.


Vespertine said...

haha. In mattayom days me and my friends were catwalking in these kind of shoes in my friend's house too. lol.

celinejulie said...

Yes, that's right. I really miss these kinds of moments—moments when I was still hanging out with old friends doing all kinds of silly stuff. After a while, some old friends went to live abroad, some old friends become too busy with other things in life and we talk less and less with each other, etc. These catwalking moments cannot be repeated any more. I really miss these moments—moments when I was naive, innocent, optimistic, etc. To tell you the truth, the reasons why I have posted many old songs lately is also because I miss these kinds of moments. These old shoes and these old songs remind me of the good times I used to share with some good old friends. I guess the political problem in Thailand right now partly makes me become like this. I don't want to think about the future now. I just want to bury my mind in the past—the past when politics could not tear us apart.

Vespertine said...

Yes. I absolutely understand it. Though my friends are all in Thailand, i rarely see them. Though one of their homes is really close to mine, i rarely meet him. Now i m too afraid to meet them especially because of the political and lifestyle differences. Class and university differences also tear us apart. (One of my close friend studied at Ramkamhang and works as a hairdresser and she never meets my gangs since the university graduation)

When u posted the pics of the shoes, it reminds me of the fashion in mattayom days. At that time, Mai Chalearnpura was very famous and she brought the 60s-70s fashion back. Do u remember the bell-legged jeans? (กางเกงยีนส์ขากระดิ่ง) or the towering high heels (ส้นตึก) or (my favorite) the ironing high heels (รองเท้าส้นเตารีด). My friend used to wear the ironing high heels in Siam Square but she was in pain because the shoes are too heavy. It's so funny and innocent. We thought that dressing like that would make us fashionable. That's why Romy and Michelle has a special place in my heart. And i really love gossiping and talking about sex with mattayom friends. It' s one of the happiness moment in my life.

By the way, writing about this makes me think about one thing. I usually talk (about cute mattayom friends) like "if i could turn back time, i would do this and that and he would be mine" but i know that though i could really turn back time, i would surely act the same.

celinejulie said...

Yes, I remember the bell bottom jeans and the platform shoes. At that time my friends and I wanted to wear platform shoes so much that one of my friends made a pair of platform shoes out of cement plaster (ปูนพลาสเตอร์) by himself. These cement-plaster shoes also can be used as a white chalk. You can write anything on the street by using your feet as your hands and these shoes as white chalk. At that time we hated a female neighbor very much, so when we walked past her house at night, we used our shoes to write some rude words at the road in front of her house.

Vespertine said...

Now i imagine all that words. 55555Me and my friends didnt have annoying neighbours but we had annoying aunt. We usually went to one of my freind's house because he is rich. He and his brother studied in the same grade and they were both gays so their house are like our castle. They have their toom on 4th floor but their aunt lived on the 3rd floor. Whenever we catwalked, our sexy steps might cause the sounds to the auntie's room and she would be mad. So we might wait for the time she didnt stay in the room. We couldnt do anything but gossip about her scandalous love life.