Saturday, August 13, 2011


I made this list for a friend:

This list does not include the film in the other list I made a few months ago:

1.BLOOD WITH THE SAME COLOR (Tawiras Amatayakul, 25 min)
เลือดสีเดียวกัน (ทวิรัส อมาตยกุล)
I don't like this film, but the mother in this film is interesting, because she has two sons. One son is a soldier. The other is a red-shirt protester. The two sons may kill each other in a political conflict.

2.I'M FINE (2011, Narisara Thanapreechakul, 23 min)
I'M FINE (นริศรา ธนปรีชากุล)
The mother in this film hires many young handsome tutors to teach her depressive daughter, because the mother wants to have sex with these teachers. I totally identify myself with the mother in this film.

3.JUST LIKE OTHER (2011, Kanitcha Apiamornkarn)
ต่างมุม (คณิตชา อภิอมรกานต์)
The mother-son relationship in this film is very erotic.

4.HUSH! (2010, Tanis Pintong, 25 min)
ชู่วส์! (ธนิษฐ์ พิณทอง)
The mother in this film looks like a former prostitute, and that may be the reason why the son in this film looks unhappy or uncomfortable at first.

5.LAST SIN (Chutinat Pongtongwattana, 20 min)
บาปสุดท้าย (ชุตินาฏ พงษ์ทองวัฒนา)
The mother in this film tries to buy some narcotics to help her drug-addict son.

6.NO TIME (2011, Jutatip Jaroenruksa, 12 min)
ไม่มีเวลา (จุฑาทิพย์ เจริญรักษา)
The mother in this film doesn't have time to take care of her son, but she has a very good reason why she doesn't have time.

7.SEARCHING FOR LOVE (1984, Apichart Phopairoj)
ถามหาความรัก (อภิชาติ โพธิ์ไพโรจน์)
The heroine of this film is not satisfied with her foster mother, so she leaves the house and tries to search for her real biological mother, and finds out that her real mother doesn't want her at all. The heroine concludes that she should be satisfied with her foster mother.

8.THE THOUGHTS OF THE THREE GENERATIONS (Panu Saeng-xuto, documentary, 20 min)
คนสามรุ่น ครุ่นคิด อะไรฤา (ภาณุ แสง-ชูโต + ขวัญแก้ว เกตุผล)
The mother in this film didn't have problems at all that her daughter left the house to join the Communists in the forests. I worship the mother in this film.

9.THE TREE (Kaynipa Polnikorn, 16 min)
THE TREE (เกณิภา พลนิกร)
The mother in this film has some psychological problems.

10.WATER TANK ON FIRST NIGHT (Somporn Inaon, 9 min)
The mother in this film doesn't love each of her children equally.