Sunday, August 07, 2011


A friend asked me to make this list.

1.CHICHA TU MADRE (2006, Gianfranco Quattrini, 96 min)

2.COURAGE (1998, Alberto Durant, 110 min)

3.CROSSING A SHADOW (2007, Augusto Tamayo San Román, 135 min)

4.DESTINY HAS NO FAVOURITES (2003, Alvaro Velarde, 88 min)

5.GODS (2008, Josué Méndez, 91 min)

6.GREGORIO (1982, Grupo Chaski, 85 min)

7.MÁNCORA (2008, Ricardo de Montreuil, 100 min)

8.THE MILK OF SORROW (2009, Claudia Llosa, 95 min)

9.IN THE MOUTH OF THE WOLF (1988, Francisco J. Lombardi, 128 min)
Francisco J. Lombardi has directed 17 films, including DON'T TELL ANYONE (1999, A-). I wish there would be a retrospective of his films in Bangkok.

10.WE'RE ALL STARS (1994, Luis Felipe Degregori, 1994)

This is the photos of Jason Day, the leading actor of MÁNCORA.

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