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THE PEACOCK DREAM (2012, Krit Kittikornrat, A+)

THE PEACOCK DREAM (2012, Krit Kittikornrat, A+)
นิมิตรมยุรา (กฤษณ์ กิติกรรัตน์)

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I like THAT NIGHT (2011, 9min, A+15), which is also directed by Krit Kittikornrat very much. THAT NIGHT is a sexy, semi-horror film. I say it is a semi-horror film, because there is something weird about it which makes it transcend the horror genre. THAT NIGHT is a little bit scary, but what makes it interesting is that it not only aims to scary the audience, but also makes the audience think about the film.

That good thing about THAT NIGHT can also be found here in THE PEACOCK DREAM. At first, THE PEACOCK DREAM reminded me of horror/thriller films about hospitals, such as SHOCK CORRIDOR (1963, Samuel Fuller), SHUTTER ISLAND (2010, Martin Scorsese), TATORT--AUSGEKLINKT (1988, Sylvia Hoffmann), and THE WARD (2010, John Carpenter). But later in the film, it is clear that THE PEACOCK DREAM is not meant only to thrill or scare the audience. It is weirder and more thought-provoking than ordinary horror films.

In  a way, THE PEACOCK DREAM unintentionally reminds me of:

1.TAKE SHELTER (2011, Jeff Nichols), because THE PEACOCK DREAM makes me wonder all through the film whether I should believe the protagonist or not.

2.SPIDER (2002, David Cronenberg), because THE PEACOCK DREAM may deal with the mind of a deranged person, and show how the deranged person views other people. In SPIDER, the protagonist tends to view a woman as either a Madonna or a whore, instead of viewing her as a real woman. In THE PEACOCK DREAM, the protagonist may sometimes view the nurse as either a killer or a peacock angel.

There are many thought-provoking things in THE PEACOCK DREAM, for example:

1.Why is the rumour-monger named "Chart", which means "nation"?

2.Who is the monster? Or is the monster inside us all? Is the monster actually our tendency to view other people based on our own bias and imagination?

3.What the Peacock Angel says about "the vice inside us" is thought-provoking.

You can watch THAT NIGHT here:

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