Monday, February 25, 2013

LES MISERABLES (2012, Tom Hooper, A+)

LES MISERABLES (2012, Tom Hooper, A+)

I think it works for me in the last scene. I nearly cried. Hahaha. I don't know why. I like the character Éponine very much. Maybe the reason why I like this film is partly because I have never read Victor Hugo's novels and have never seen the stage version of this film. So I don't have many things to compare with this film. I only saw Josée Dayan's version which is made in 2000. It stars Gerard Depardieu, John Malkovich, Virginie Ledoyen, Asia Argento and Charlotte Gainsbourg. I like Argento and Gainsbourg in this version very much. I think Dayan's version is fine, but it doesn't make me want to cry like Hooper's version.

Zach Campbell wrote about LES MISERABLES (2012) here:

As for Victor Hugo, I saw a made-for-television film called CLAUDE GUEUX (2009, Olivier Schatzky, A+30), which is adapted from Hugo's work. I really worship this film. It is about injustice like LES MISERABLES, but it is extremely powerful. Judging from its effect on me, CLAUDE GUEUX is as powerful as a film by Robert Bresson, though it is not in Bresson's style.

After seeing LES MISERABLES (2012), I really want to see A ROOM IN TOWN (1982, Jacques Demy), which is also a musical about an uprising.
You can watch A ROOM IN TOWN with English subtitles here:

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