Sunday, February 17, 2013


My favorite teen films include:

1. THE CHERRY ORCHARD (1990, Shun Nakahara, Japan)
2. ENFIN (2012, Sitthipong Wong-ard, Thailand)
3. LIGHTS OUT (2010, Fabrice Gobert, France)
4. NIGHT TIME PICNIC (2006, Masahiko Nagasawa, Japan)
5. NOTHING CAN TOUCH ME (2011, Milad Alami, Denmark)
6. OTHER GIRLS (2000, Caroline Vignal, France)
7. STRONG SHOULDERS (2003, Ursula Meier, Switzerland)
8. TEEN STORIES 2002-2008 (2010, Béatrice Bakhti, Switzerland, documentary, 397 minutes)
9. THIS WINDOW IS YOURS (1994, Tomoyuki Furumaya, Japan)
10. TYPHOON CLUB (1985, Shinji Somai, Japan)

I also make a list of my twenty favorite films about young girls here:

The photo is from STRONG SHOULDERS.

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