Thursday, September 24, 2009


This is the list of submissions to the Oscar Award for Best Foreign Language Film

(Thanks to Nanoguy who told us about this list.)

I wish HOME (2008, Ursula Meier) win the Oscar. Ursula Meier directed STRONG SHOULDERS (2003, Switzerland, A+++++++++++++++).

I wish DAWSON, ISLAND 10 (Miguel Littin, Chile) and ABOUT ELLY (Asghar Farhadi, Iran) get nominated. Farhadi directed THE BEAUTIFUL CITY (2004, A+).

Besides Michael Haneke and Jacques Audiard, there are other familiar names in the submission list, including the names of these directors whose works have been shown in Bangkok before:

1.Carlos Carrera directed UNDER A SPELL (1998, Mexico, A-).

2.Corneliu Porumboiu directed 12:08 EAST OF BUCHAREST (2006, Romania, A+).

3.Felix Van Groeningen directed STEVE + SKY (2004, Belgium, A).

4.Klaus Haro directed MOTHER OF MINE (2005, Finland, A-).

5.Krisztina Goda directed CHILDREN OF GLORY (2006, Hungary, A-).

6.Prasanna Vithanage directed DEATH ON A FULL MOON DAY (1997, Sri Lanka, A-).


Vespertine said...

I heard from n Big that Home will screen in World Film Festival : )

celinejulie said...

--Vespertine, I'm very glad I will be able to see HOME soon.

--Jean van der Velde directed LEK (2000, Netherlands, B+).