Thursday, September 02, 2010


1.Teerani Siangsanoh + Tanatchai Bandasak + Sasithorn Ariyavicha

Teerani Siangsanoh – DARK SLEEP เพียงหลับใหลในเงามืด
Tanatchai Bandasak – SWEETHEART GARDEN มธุรส
Sasithorn Ariyavicha – BIRTH OF THE SEANEMA

I think these three filmmakers make exquisitely poetic films with powerful images of darkness.

2.Wachara Kanha + Chakrit Onnom + Phaisit Phanphruksachat

Wachara Kanha – THE JUDGE คำพิพากษาของความรัก
Chakrit Onnom – ACE OF SPADES กลรัก กลอดีต กลปรารถนา (2009, 23 min)
Phaisit Phanphruksachat – SAT WIBAK NAK LOKE สัตว์วิบากหนักโลก

Both Wachara and Chakrit are influenced by Wong Kar-wai. Both Wachara and Phaisit make low-budgeted films which are uncategorizable.

3.Tani Thitiprawat + Sereeroj Jayaphon + Thitimon Mongkolsawat

Tani Thitiprawat – TO WALK NIGHT วันวิปริต ไร้เงาดวงจันทร์ (2009, 25 min)
Sereeroj Jayaphon – WEEK-END สิ้นสัปดาห์ (2010, 30 min)
Thitimon Mongkolsawat – THE ZOMBIE CHICK อีสาวซากดิบ (2007, 15 min)

Both Tani and Sereeroj make films which are influenced by Japanese yakuza films. Both Tani and Thitimon make films about zomebies.

4.Ratchapoom Boonbunchachoke + Chaloemkiat Saeyong + Chulayarnnon Siriphol

Ratchapoom Boonbunchachoke – BODILY FLUID IS SO REVOLUTIONARY ของเหลวที่หลั่งจากกาย
Chaloemkiat Saeyong – POLITICALLY LAWYER AND NARRATIVE CINEMA ฆาตรกรรมสวาท ประหลาดน่านฟ้า ทำให้คนหายตัวไป
Chulayarnnon Siriphol – DANGER (DIRECTOR'S CUT) (2008, 14 min) ภัยใกล้ตัว (ฉบับผู้กำกับ)

Ratchapoom, Chaloemkiat and Chulayarnnon make films with unconventional structures. I think each one of them has the potential to become a Thai Jean-Luc Godard.

5.Authawut Boonyuang + Atthapon Pamakho + Michael Shaowanasai

Authawut Boonyuang – TIME TO BE... ถึงแก่การกริยา (2009, 12 min)
Atthapon Pamakho – HASAN ฮะซัน (2008, 29 min)

Authawut, Atthapon, and Michael make excellent queer films.

6.Piyaphong Phakuntod + Janenarong Sirimaha + Tanwarin Sukkhapisit

Piyaphong Phakuntod – PINK LADY สุภาพสตรีสีชมพู (2010, 9 min)
Janenarong Sirimaha – READ ME! เรื่องน้ำเน่าของแพรว (2008, 17 min)
Tanwarin Sukkhapisit – COVER เปลือก (2001, 23 min)

Piyapong, Janenarong, and Tanwarin create very memorable female characters and extremely exciting melodramatic scenes. Who can forget the scene in which the shop owner chases the madwoman away from her shop in PINK LADY, the scene in which the heroine uses her psychic power to make the jealous woman go blind in READ ME!, and the scene in which a transvestite uses a gun to fight with the jealous woman and her gang in COVER?

7.Suphisara Kittikunarak + Nisarat Komsup + Proudmary Songmuang

Suphisara Kittikunarak – PASSION SONATA (2009)
Nisarat Komsup – PSYCHOSIS โรคจิต (2009, 13 min)
Proudmary Songmuang – MY FORTRESS OF HAPPINESS ความทรงจำในม่านตาของเธอ (2010, 19 min)

Suphisara, Nisarat, and Proudmary create extremely interesting psychological films about women.

8.Prap Boonpan + Manussak Dokmai + The Underground Office

Prap Boonpan – THE BANGKOK BOURGEOIS PARTY ความลักลั่นในงานรื่นเริง
Manussak Dokmai – WAY OF THINKING 1: LAOTIAN SOLDIERS WOULD LIKE TO CHANGE THAI PEOPLE'S WAY OF THINKING วิธีคิด 1: ทหารลาวขอเปลี่ยนแนวคิดคนไทย (2002, 8 min)
The Underground Office – RED MOVIE แกะแดง

Prap, Manussak, and The Underground Office offer the best things in Thai political cinema.

9.Taiki Sakpisit + Chaiwat Wiansantia + Wiwat Lertwiwatwongsa

Taiki Sakpisit – DEATHLESS DISTANCE อุรุเวลา
Chaiwat Wiansantia – BODY CRITICISM กายวิพากษ์
Wiwat Lertwiwatwongsa – DREAM OF THE DEATH ความฝันของคนตาย (2009, 25 min)

Taiki, Chaiwat, and Wiwat create extremely atmospheric films with abstract feelings.

10.Tossapol Boonsinsukh + Kriangkrai Watananiyom + Wisarut Deelorm

Tossapol Boonsinsukh – NICE TO MEET YOU (2005, 25 min)
Kriangkrai Watananiyom – ZERO
Wisarut Deelorm – STILL (2008, 52 min)

Tossapol, Kriangkrai, and Wisarut make comtemplative films which focus on relationships and loneliness.


nanoguy said...

Each films from these teams couldn't be anything but explosion!

celinejulie said...

Yes, I agree with you. I hope these directors don't quarrel with each other like in DEAR BROTHERS & SISTERS (2010, Reality Filmmaker, 42 min). Hahaha

nanoguy said...

I think the 4th and 8th group would be the safests. Others, I'm afraid so. lol