Monday, September 06, 2010

PICNIC ON THE BATTLEFIELD (2010, Tianchai Isaradech, A)

PICNIC ON A BATTLEFIELD (ลาบเลือด เดือนร้อน) (2010, Tianchai Isaradech, A)

This stage play reminds me of some recent Thai political short films, which seem to present ambiguous political point of views. But I give A++++++++++ to the massacre ending of this play.

However, what I like the most is not the ending of this play. It's the reactions from Bon Kai residents (ชาวชุมชนบ่อนไก่) who watched this stage play. The chief resident decided to give no comment, saying that he had to attend to some business and walked away from the room. A middle-aged woman said that the gunshots in this play remind her of the time during the May crisis, because she and other residents had to live among the real gunshots during that time. She also said that this stage play reminds her that people really think differently, and it would take such a long time before real reconciliation can happen.

She said this with a crying voice. I'm not sure what she means. I'm not sure if she and other Bon Kai residents like this stage play or not. I'm not sure if I really like this stage play or not. But I like it very much that the staff of this stage play invited the residents of Bon Kai to watch it.

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