Saturday, September 25, 2010

SENZA SANGUE (2010, Saifah Tanthana, A+)

As for me, there are many things I like in this SENZA SANGUE, but there's one thing about it which may not correspond to my tastes—the heroine of this story seems to control her anger too well or can reconcile with the past too well for me to be able to identify myself with. Admittedly, I prefer films/stage plays about a heroine who is burning with the desire to kill or revenge, such as BREMEN FREEDOM (1972, Rainer Werner Fassbinder), THE BRIDE WORE BLACK (1968, François Truffaut), or BLACKBIRD (2007, Sasithorn Panichnok). SENZA SANGUE is a very good play, but it just does not satisfy the "fire" inside me.

Anyway, SENZA SANGUE is very thought-provoking, and there must be many things in this play which I have overlooked. I'm sure I will like it more when I read some reviews on it. :-)

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