Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Favorite documentaries about ethnic groups or races

1.CITIZEN JULING (2008, Ing K + Manit Sriwanichpoom + Kraisak Choonhavan) is about Muslims and Buddhists in Thailand.

2.COLD HOMELAND (1995, Volker Koepp) is about Germans living in Russia.

3.THE CONVERT (2008, Panu Aree + Kong Rithdee + Kaweenipon Ketprasit) is about Muslims and Buddhists in Thailand.

4.FINAL SOLUTION (2004, Rakesh Sharma) is about Hindu and Muslims in India.

5.THE HEART OF WHITENESS (2006, Rehad Desai) is about racial prejudices in South Africa.

6.OFF SEASON (1997, Pepe Danquart + Mirjam Quinte) is about ethnic diversities in Croatia.

7.SEAPORT (เมืองสมุทร) (2006, Attapon Pamakho + Benya Poowarachnan, 22 min) is about Burmese workers in Thailand.

8.SLASK/SILESIA (1994, Viola Stephan) is about Germans in Poland.

9.A SLIM PEACE (2007, Yael Luttwak, Israel) is about Arab and Israeli women in Israel.

10.VILLAGE PEOPLE RADIO SHOW (2007, Amir Muhammad) is about Malaysians in Thailand.

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