Saturday, June 25, 2011


OUT 1: NOLI ME TANGERE (1971, Jacques Rivette, 12 hours 40 minutes), starring Bulle Ogier, will be screened on 25-26 June at the Reading Room in Bangkok. You can read the details of the screening here:

This is my favorite quote of Jacques Rivette, from his interview by Carlos Clarens and Edgardo Cozarinsky in 1974:

"I have been going in this direction for three films now, in L'Amour Fou more than in Celine et Julie, and in Out 1 most of all. I hate to have the feeling, either during the shooting or the editing, that everything is fixed and nothing can be changed. I reject the word 'script' entirely -- at any rate in the usual sense. I prefer the old usage -- usually scenario -- which it had in the Commedia dell'Arte, meaning an outline or scheme: it implies a dynamism, a number of ideas and principles from which one can set out to find the best possible approach to the filming. I now prefer my shooting schedules to be as short as possible, and the editing to last as long as possible."

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