Sunday, February 12, 2012

Films seen on Monday, January 30, 2012

1.BERNADETTE (2008, Duncan Campbell, A+30)
I just watched BLOODY SUNDAY (2001, Paul Greengrass, A+30) last year, so watching BERNADETTE helps me see the broader picture of the Northern Ireland conflict. I also like the last part of the film very much, though I don't know what the voiceover is saying in the last part. The coupling of the voiceover which seems to speak in a stream-of-consciousness way with the image of a white screen with brief glimpses of something else from time to time reminds of the sublime feelings I get from the coupling of voiceover-images in Marguerite Duras' films.

2.TWO CORONATIONS (2011, Stephen Connolly, UK, A+15)
This film seems like a perfect antidote to THE KING'S SPEECH (2010, Tom Hooper), THE QUEEN (2006, Stephen Frears), and W.E. (2011, Madonna). Hahaha

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