Monday, June 11, 2012

BUDDHA MOUNTAIN (2010, Li Yu, China, A+15)

Films seen on Sunday, June 10, 2012

1.BUDDHA MOUNTAIN (2010, Li Yu, China, A+15)

2.THREE MARKS OF EXISTENCE (2012, Gunparwitt Phuwadolwisid, Thailand, A+15)

3.AN ARMY OF PEACE (1998, Chheng Daravuth Kosal, Cambodia, documentary, A+10)

4.TALKING HEART (1968, U Thu Kha, Myanmar, A+)

5.AMONGST WHITE CLOUDS (2005, Edward A. Burger, Canada/China, documentary, A)

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celinejulie said...

I like the characters and the ending of BUDDHA MOUNTAIN very much. I feel strangely connected to the main characters of this film. I feel as if they are "lost souls", people who feel a little bit lost in this world and don't want to go home any more. These characters unintentionally remind me of the main characters in HIMIZU (2011, Sion Sono), which is also about the aftermath of the big earthquake.