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Films seen in the Marathon Film Festival on Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Films seen in the Marathon Film Festival on Tuesday, June 19, 2012

1.(..........) (Teeranit Siangsanoh, 34:32 min, A+30)
(..........) (ธีรนิติ์ เสียงเสนาะ)
The first part of this film overwhelms me as much as RUHR (2009, James Benning, A+30). The first part of this film presents the moon in the dark sky in a very long take.

This scene unintentionally reminds me of my own childhood. I remember that when I was about 14 years old, one night I saw a beautiful moon in the dark sky, so I got out of my bed and went to the front yard of my house, and watched the moon for about 30 minutes at about 03.00am. I didn't know why I did something like that. I guess it is highly likely that I am LUNATIC. There was also a very funny thing happening at that time. I noticed that my neighbor stood at the window on the second floor of his/her house and watched me for a while. My neighbor must wonder what I did at the front yard at that time.

My own experience proves to me that Teeranit and I like to watch the same thing--the moon in the dark sky. There's something extremely magical about it.

2.25-08-2554 (2011, Wachara Kanha, 25:36min, A+30)
25-08-2554 (วชร กัณหา)

3.1102: PART IV AN INDISCREET INCIDENT ON YOTHA STREET (Kong Pahurak, 14:19min, A+15)

4.3 SOME (Pitchanon Jenbanjong, 21:24min, A+15)
3 SOME (พิชชานนท์ เจนบรรจง)

5.4 MINUTES (2011, Prempapat Plittapolkarnpim, 13:53min, A+10)
4 MINUTES (เปรมปพัทธ ผลิตผลการพิมพ์)

6.1102: PART II SHINDA GAIDEN (Kong Pahurak, 13:18min, A+)
1102: PART II SHINDA GAIDEN (ก้อง พาหุรักษ์)

7.1102: PART I GAIKO (Kong Pahurak, 4:38min, A+)
1102: PART I GAIKO (ก้อง พาหุรักษ์)

8.2/17/1955 (Bodin Theprat, 5min, A+)
17 กุมภาพันธ์ 2498 (บดินทร์ เทพรัตน์)

9.13510274 (Katon Thammavijitdej, 4:29min A+)
13510274 (กตัณณ์ ธรรมวิจิตเดช)

10.20 PENCE (Ravi Sajdev, 14:51min, A+/A)
20 PENCE (รวี สัจเดว์)

11.1 TAKE (Thai Pradithkesorn, 10 min, A+/A)
1 TAKE (ไท ประดิษฐเกษร)

12.4:40 (Ginggarn Gerdgaew, 4:40min, A)
4:40 (กิ่งกาญจน์ เกิดแก้ว)

13.1102: PART III MANIFOLD (Kong Pahurak, documentary, 4:32min, A-)
1102: PART III MANIFOLD (ก้อง พาหุรักษ์)

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