Thursday, June 07, 2012

THE YELLOW ROBE (1967, Lester James Peries, Sri Lanka, A++++++++++)

Films seen in the International Buddhist Film Festival 2012

1.THE YELLOW ROBE (1967, Lester James Peries, Sri Lanka, A++++++++++)
The story in this film is a little bit too moralistic for me.

2.UN BUDA (2005, Diego Rafecas, Argentina, A+++)
One of the things I like very much in this film is the question, "WHERE IS GOD WHEN MY PARENTS WERE KILLED BY THE MILITARY DICTATORSHIP?

3.MATTHIEU RICARD, ON THE PATH TO COMPASSION (2012, Jeanne Mascolo de Filippis, France, documentary, A)
The film is nice, but several things portrayed in this film are not very interesting in my point of view. We all know that selflessness is good and selfishness is bad, so I think there's no point in promoting selflessness like in this film.

On the contrary, I just watched JOSEPH L'INSOUMIS (2011, Caroline Glorion, A+), which is about a Christian priest who devoted his life for the poor. I must admit that I much prefer JOSEPH L'INSOUMIS to MATTHIEU RICARD, ON THE PATH TO COMPASSION, partly because the world portrayed in JOSEPH L'INSOUMIS is full of evil, wretchedness, suffering, and controversy, while the world portrayed in MATTHIEU RICARD is much more peaceful. I'm not saying that JOSEPH L'INSOUMIS is a better film, but I think films about evil and suffering often interest me much more than films about virtue and happiness.


Anonymous said...

I am glad to see your comment about Joseph l'insoumis; I appreciate that Joseph W put himself in the middle of wretch because he could not accept that human beings be exposed to such a continuous destruction. And this appealed to the poor themselves and to others ! If you want to know more, you can have a look on and Take care, Xavier (Full time ATD Fourth World volunteer, the Movement created by Wresinski)

celinejulie said...

Thank you very much, Xavier. I'm very glad to know that Joseph Wresinski inspired a lot of people to do good things. I'm very touched by the end of the film when we hear the conversation of Joseph and then realize that he is dead and the voice we hear is supposed to come from his spirit. He may be dead, but his spirit lives on and still inspires us. I also like it very much that the film doesn't try to make Joseph look too heroic, but makes him look like a human being who does the best he can to help others.