Sunday, June 10, 2012

COME, COME, COME UPWARD (1989, Im Kwon-taek, South Korea, A+30)

Films seen on Saturday, June 9, 2012

1.COME, COME, COME UPWARD (1989, Im Kwon-taek, South Korea, A+30)

2.SCARS (2011, Lim Woo-seong, South Korea, A+20)

3.SHUGENDO NOW (2010, Jean-Marc Abela + Mark Patrick McGuire, Japan/Canada, documentary, A+10)

4.SEMSHOOK (2010, Siddharth Anand Kumar, India, A)
The film partly suffers from the same problem found in such films as ALTIPLANO (2009, Peter Brosens + Jessica Woodworth, Belgium, A-/B+). The cinematography is too beautiful and too advertisement-like.

This is the year of South Korean films for me. Apart from COME, COME, COME UPWARD and SCARS, I also like CHEONGGYECHEON MEDLEY: A DREAM OF IRON (2010, Kyung Kun Park), DANCE TOWN (2010, Jeon Kyu-hwan), AN ESCALATOR IN WORLD ORDER (2011, Kim Kyung-man), PETTY MIDDLE MANAGER (1961, Lee Bongrae), REPATRIATION (2003, Kim Dong-wan), and THE SHOWER (1978, Ko Young-nam) very much.

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