Sunday, November 11, 2012

FOREVER (2006, Heddy Honigmann, documentary, A+30)

Dutch films seen on Thursday, November 8, 2012

1.FOREVER (2006, Heddy Honigmann, documentary, A+30)
I can't decide which story is the most heartbreaking story in this film: the wife who lost her husband who was 20 years younger than her, the wife who fled from Franco's Spain, the girl who died young and whose poems are being forgotten, Danielle Messia, the Iranian taxi driver, etc. The film touches me very deeply. One of my most favorite moments in the film is a short scene in which we see a woman reading something to the grave but we can't hear her.

This is a song by Danielle Messia:

2.VALENTIJN (2007, Hetty Nietsch, documentary, A+30)
One of my most favorite queer films ever made.

3.FATHER AND DAUGHTER (2001, Michael Dudok de Wit, animation, A+30)
The film is as heartbreaking as ROZA (1999, Ramon Swaab, Netherlands, A+30) and THE DAY THE MILKMAN DIDN'T COME (1998, Anja Langenbacher, Germany, animation, A+30).

The picture here is the painting OEDIPUS AND THE SPHINX (1808) by Ingres, which is one of the people talked about in FOREVER.

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