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Films seen in April 2013

Films seen in April 2013


1.TONDO BELOVED: TO WHAT ARE THE POOR BORN? (2012, Jewel Maranan, Philippines, documentary, A+30)


2.BACK TO 1942 (2012, Feng Xiaogang, A+30)


3.THE CAT THAT LIVED A MILLION TIMES (2012, Kotani Tadasuke, documentary, A+30)


4.BOUNDARY (2013, Nontawat Numbenchapol, documentary, A+30)


5.DANS LA VIE (2008, Philippe Faucon, A+30)


6.WE WILL ALL GO TO HEAVEN (1977, Yves Robert, A+30)


7.INTERVIEW 20 PEOPLES (2013, Kamin Lertchaiprasert, video installation, A+30)


8.CHE IS STILL ALIVE (2013, Nattapol Sawasdee, video installation, A+30)


9.THE CONTENDED MAN (2013, Jin Ruangkriengsin + Thanawat Patanaprasart + Natdanai Chutipabhakorn, video installation, A+30)


10.FATHER AND I (2013, Tanaphon Inthong, video installation, A+30)


11.NARGIS – WHEN TIME STOPPED BREATHING (2009, The Maw Naing + Pe Maung Same, documentary, A+30)


12.THE RIGHTS OF THE DEAD (2012, Tricia Yeoh, Malaysia, documentary, A+30)


13.UNIQUE (2013, Cherry Pongprajukkul + Thanakrit Srisuwan + Thanyathorn Tangsongcharoen, video installation, A+30)


14.GREAN FICTION (2013, Chookiat Sakveerakul, A+25)


15.MIDNIGHT’S CHILDREN (2012, Deepa Mehta, A+25)


16.BE-WHERE (2013, Pornsiri Tongbaisri, A+25)

BE-WHERE (พรสิริ ทองใบศรี)


17.CHILDREN OF SRIKANDI (2012, The Children of Srikandi Collective, Indonesia, documentary, A+25)


18.DENOK & GARENG (2012, Dwi Sujanti Nugraheni, Indonesia, documentary, A+25)


19.P’MEW (2013, Norapat Sakartornsup, video installation, A+25)


20.PAULINE AND FRANÇOIS (2010, Renaud Fély, A+25)


21.SAINT HELENA’S EXILE (2008, Karl Alexander Weck, documentary, A+25)


22.MONDAY (2013, Watcharapat Kongkhaow, video installation, A+25)


23.FOLLOW ME AS I FALL (2011, Maud Haya-Baviera, video installation, A+20)


24.THE HILLS ARE ALIVE (2011, Steve Pillar Setiabudi, Indonesia, documentary, A+20)


25.CLASH (2011, Pascal Lahmani, TV series, A+15)


26.ANONYMOUS (2013, Arnont Nongyao, video installation, A+15)


27.OVERLAY (2012, Nattanop Traiteepueng, documentary, A+15)


28.OMAR KILLED ME (2010, Roschdy Zem, A+15)


29.WHICH (2013, Pimlapas Akesakulwong, A+15)

WHICH (พิมพ์ลภัส เอกสกุลวงศ์)


30.UNTITLED – HYPNO PROJECT (2009, Doug Fishbone, video installation, A+15)


31.FAITH OR BELIEF (2013, Vichaya Mukdamanee, video installation, A+15)


32.THE GHOST’S TEARS (2011, Florian Quittard, A+15)


33.PEE MAK PRA KHANONG (2013, Banjong Pisanthanakun, A+15)


34.TWO GIRLS AGAINST THE RAIN (2012, Sopheak Sao, Cambodia, documentary, A+15)


35.THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES (2012, Derek Cianfrance, A+15)


36.M-C-M’ (2012, Boon Kia Meng, Malaysia, documentary, A+15)


37.IN DREAMS (2013, Suyada Siriyakorn, A+15)

ในฝัน (สุญาดา สิริยากร)


38.ONE DAY (2010, Hou Chi-jan, Taiwan, A+10)


39.HIMMATWALA (2013, Sajid Khan, India, A+10)


40.THE HOST (2013, Andrew Niccol, A+10)


41.TO THE WONDER (2012, Terrence Malick, A+10)


42.DURGA (2012, Wong Jingyu, Singapore/India, documentary, A+10)


43.THE STORY OF SUDAWADEE NARAPOOMPIPAT (2013, Apipar Narapoompipat + Watsamon Tri-yasakda, video installation, A+10)


44.MADAGASCAR, A JOURNEY DIARY (2009, Bastien Dubois, animation, A+10)


45.THIS PATH AHEAD (CE CHEMIN DEVANT MOI) (2012, Mohamed Bourokba, A+5)


46.GROWTH (2013, Jiranun Chaloemsittipong, A+5)

หลังรอยต่อหน้ากำแพงผ้า (จิรนันท์ เฉลิมสิทธิพงษ์)


47.LIVING CINEMA (2013, Bob Ostertag + Pierre Hébert, video performance, A+)


48.14 OCTOBER (1973, Shin Klaipan, documentary, A+)


49. 0.1.2 (2013, Kasiti Sangkul, video installation, A+)


50.(MIS)CONSTRUCTION (2012, Aaron Richmond-Havel, A+)


51.NAMIBIA, FOLLOWING DARWIN (2006, Rolf Sakulowski, documentary, A+)


52.THE WORLD IN TWO ROUND TRIPS (2007, David Schurmann, Brazil, documentary, A+)


53.OUTER SHELL OF BELIEF (2012, Vichaya Mukdamanee, video installation, A+)


54.THE CROODS (2013, Kirk De Micco + Chris Sanders, animation, A+)


55. 0.1.1 (2013, Kasiti Sangkul, video installation, A+)


56.FISHERMAN’S FRIEND (2013, Anan Sikamhan+ Visitthorn Anunsukhiran + Pariwut Piamkarunwong, video installation, A+)


57.PARDON MON AFFAIRE (1976, Yves Robert, A+)


58.LE ROMANCIER MARTIN/HÉLOÏSE (2010, Jérôme Foulon, A+)


59.EXPRESSO (2011, Vincent Harter, A+)


60.ACTOR (2013, Steve Hawley, video installation, animation, A+)


61.WE ARE ALL THE SAME (2013, Kamin Lertchaiprasert, video installation, A+)


62.A HUMAN (2013, Jedsada Tangtrakulwong, video installation, A+)


63.ANYTHING FOR HER (POUR ELLE) (2008, Fred Cavayé, A+)


64.NI OUI…(2012, Jean-François Fontanel, A+)


65.THIS FILM, IN LOVE (2013, Jirapat Thaweechuen, A+)


66.NURSE FOR THE ELDER ฝากเลี้ยง (2013, Panu Saeng-xuto, documentary, A+)


67.A MOVIE FOR MY INSPIRATION (2013, Santanut Kavownark + Naruemon Hansakul, video installation, A+)


68.KOO KAM (2013, Leo Kittikorn, A+/A)


69.CONSIDER (2013, Panu Saeng-xuto, documentary, A+/A)


70.ONE PIECE FILM Z (2012, Tatsuya Nagamine, Japan, animation, A+/A)


71.OBLIVION (2013, Joseph Kosinski, A+/A)


72.LIGHT SKY LOYENDA (2013, Samart Suwannarat, A+/A)


73.DO I…I DO (2013, Kasidis Jamjaroenlap, A+/A)

สิ่งที่ฉันเป็น (กษิดิศ แจ่มเจริญลาภ)


74.THERE’S NO ONE IN THE WORLD THAT CAN’T PLAY THE PIANO (2013, Aimwika Tahnnakornwut, video installation, A+/A)


75.WHEN A WOLF FALLS IN LOVE WITH A SHEEP (2012, Hou Chi-jan, Taiwan, A)


76.THE SILENT RIOT (2012, Nadira Ilana, Malaysia, documentary, A)


77.BROKEN CITY (2013, Allen Hughes, A)


78.TEUNG (2013, Chitpapat Batprakhon, video installation, A)


79.THE ONE WHO MOTIVATES ME (2013, I-na Phuyuthanon, video installation, A)


80.MIRACLE IN CELL NO. 7 (2013, Lee Hwan-Kyung, South Korea, A-)


81.LIVING TOGETHER IN RIDER COMMUNITY PROJECT (2013, Sompong Lirasiri, video installation, A-)


82.AABA (DEMO) (2013, Buranan Yuennan, A-)

AABA (DEMO) (บูรนันท์ ยืนนาน)


83.MY IDOL (2013, Jakraphun Thanateeranon, video installation, A-)


84.MO(M)TIVATION (2013, Nattapon Wannaporn, video installation, B+)


85.CLEAR (2013, Pornnapas Sriprang, B+)

ชัด (ภรณพัสตร์ ศรีปรางค์)


86.NIDA NIKORNPUN (2013, Soravis Vibhagool + Pavarase Paisarnjaroenwong + Panida Aonsamang, video installation, B+)


87.ONCE SIAM (2013, Computer Graphics and Multimedia students, International College, Bangkok University, animation, B)




89.G.I. JOE: RETALIATION (2013, Jon M. Chu, B-)


90.DANGO LAND (2013, Vipada Sirisate, C+)

DANGO LAND แดนมหัศจรรย์ (วิภาดา ศิริเศรษฐ์)


91.CHASHME BADDOOR (2013, David Dhawan, India, C+)

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