Thursday, May 16, 2013


1.NC+++++ (Jarunun Phantachat, A+30)
The silence at the end of this play unintentionally reminds me of the opening sentence of EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF AND GOD AGAINST ALL (1974, Werner Herzog). It says, “Do you not then hear this horrible scream all around you that people usually call silence?”
2.THE SONG MY FATHER USED TO SING (Wichaya Artamat, A+15)
This play reminds me of THE MILKY WAY (1968, Luis Buñuel), because both of them poke fun at the ridiculousness of religious beliefs.
3.OFF-ICE LADIES (Jaturachai Srichanwanpen, A+)
I like it very much that this play doesn’t condemn abortion, if I understand it correctly. And I like it very much that the character played by Kanitha Nongnuch seems to view her baby as “a tool” rather than “a gift of love”. Though the play doesn’t tell us how this character’s life will turn out in the future, I imagine her life in the future to be like the life of someone I knew: a woman who has an extremely terrible married life—she wants to get a divorce, but she can’t. She has to endure the terrible married life for the sake of her children. Kanitha’s character wants to use her baby as a chain to keep her husband. In my imagination, this character will find out in the future that her baby will turn out to be a chain to lock her in a terrible prison called marriage.
4.0.00 (Suparirk Sathien, A-)
5.DINNER (Parnrut Kritchanchai, B+)
This kind of comedy is just not my cup of tea. Hahaha. It reminds me of my personal problems with the highly-acclaimed film MINNIE AND MOSKOWITZ (1971, John Cassavetes). I just don’t like talkative characters like the ones in MINNIE AND MOSKOWITZ and in this play.
DINNER unintentionally brought back the memories of some quarrels I experienced about 25-30 years ago. However, the quarrels I experienced are very different from the one in the play, because the quarrels I experienced sometimes ended up with the use of knife, and these quarrels are never actually resolved. Not reconciled. They leave bad scars in my memories. And these scars are not healed at all though 25-30 years have been passed.
In conclusion, the reason why I can’t enjoy DINNER is just because of my own personal life.

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