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Films seen in February 2013

Films seen in February 2013


1.HISTORY OF WATER (2012, Dean Kavanagh, Ireland, A+30)


2.SOI NANA (2012, Fan Hsiao Lan, Taiwan/Thailand, video installation, A+30)


3.POLISSE (2011, Maïwenn, A+30)


4.TAPE FOR BANGKOK: DOCUMENTS (2012, Lin Chi Wei, Taiwan/Thailand, video installation, A+30)


5.THE RABBI’S CAT (2011, Joann Sfar + Antoine Delesvaux, animation, A+30)


6.HUAI MO VILLAGE (2012, Hsu Chia Wei, Taiwan/Thailand, video installation, A+30)


7.LOSING IT (CHEVEU) (2009, Julien Hallard, A+30)


8.THE OLD MAID (LA VIEILLE FILLE) (1971, Jean-Pierre Blanc, A+30)


9.FOR MY FATHER (2010, Guillaume Suon, Cambodia, documentary, A+30)


10.THE LABORERS (2012, Chiu Chen Hung, Taiwan, video installation, A+30)


11.SORRY (2008, Dean Kavanagh, A+30)


12.MAN AND GRAVITY (2008, Jakrawal Nilthamrong, video installation, A+30)


13.LA BRINDILLE (2010, Emmanuelle Millet, A+25)


14.WORLD WITHOUT SHADOW (2011, Khoo Eng Yow, Malaysia, documentary, A+25)


15.IF NOT US, WHO? (2011, Andres Veiel, Germany, A+25)


16.FREE MEN (LES HOMMES LIBRES) (2010, Ismaël Ferroukhi, A+25)


17.ANGOLA, HAPPINESS IS ON THE TRAIN (2010, Adama Ulrich, documentary, A+25)


18.BELOVED (2011, Christophe Honoré, A+25)


19.SILENT POET (2013, Tada Hengsapkul, video installation, A+20)


20.VERY QUIET, PLEASE! (2012, Sutthirat Supaparinya, video installation, A+20)


21.GF*BF (2012, Yang Ya-che, Taiwan, A+15)


22.ZERO DARK THIRTY (2012, Kathryn Bigelow, A+15)


23.ADOUNA, LA VIE-LE MONDE (2010, Olivier Langlois, A+15)


24.ARENA (2012, Chang En Maan, Taiwan, video installation, A+15)


25.RESCUE IN THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS (2009, Holger Riedel, documentary, A+15)


26.HANGMAN (2012, Jakrawal Nilthamrong, video installation, A+15)


27.LAP OF LUXURY (LA VIE FACILE) (2011, Julien Royet, Switzerland, A+15)


28.MEMORY ROOM (2008, Dean Kavanagh, Ireland, A+15)


29.ON FOOT (2008, Dean Kavanagh, Ireland, A+15)


30.3 OVER 4 (2008, Dean Kavanagh, A+15)


31.WE ARE GOING TO AMERICA (2010, Jiandyin, video installation, A+15)


32.(F) (2008, Dean Kavanagh, A+15)


33.SPECIAL 26 (2013, Neeraj Pandey, India, A+10)


34.LIVE LONG AND PROSPER (Gob Squad, A+10)


35.PLAYING IT COOL (LA TÊTE FROIDE) (2011, Nicolas Mesdom, A+10)


36.CINEMA AND SPACE, EXTRACTING THE UNRECOGNIZED (2013, Björn Kämmerer + Kornkrit Jianpinidnan, video installation, A+10)


37.EYES WIDE SHUT มอง (ไม่) เห็น (2012, Suporn Shoosongdej, video installation, A+10)


38.SO UNDERCOVER (2012, Tom Vaughan, A+10)


39.THE MAN IN AUTUMN (2010, Dean Kavanagh, Ireland, A+10)


40.THE YOUNG MAN (2008, Dean Kavanagh, Ireland, A+10)


41.(M) (2010, Dean Kavanagh, Ireland, A+10)


42.THE END (2011, Didier Barcelo, A+5)


43.THAI TAI: SOUND (HAPPYBAND PROJECT) (2012, Thaweesak Srithongdee, video installation, A+5)


44.HANOI-WINTER 1946 (1997, Nhat Minh Dang, Vietnam, A+)


45.A CRIME IN PARADISE (2001, Jean Becker, A+)


46.MA CITÉ AU MUSÉE (2008, Florent Verdet, documentary, A+)


47.THE LONG WEEKEND ทองสุก 13 (2013, Taweewat Wantha, A+)


48.TANIMURA (2013, Barameerat Jantarasriwongs, A+)


49.THE SECOND DREAM: SCHLINGENSIEF STAGES WAGNER IN MANAUS (2008, Lennart Laberenz, Germany, documentary, A+)


50.SHOOTING STARS (2010, Sutthirat Supaparinya, video installation, A+)


51.LES MISÉRABLES (2012, Tom Hooper, A+)


52.THE HOUSE (2012, Vania Leturcq, Belgium, A+)


53.JAN DARA: EPILOGUE (2013, M.L. Bhandevanop Devakul, A+)


54.U.H.T. (2012, Guillaume Senez, Belgium, A+)


55.THE GIRL WITH THE STRAW HAT (2008, Dean Kavanagh, Ireland, A+)


56.THE BIRTH OF CINEMA (2008, Dean Kavanagh, Ireland, A+)


57.THE PICKLE SYNDROME (LE SYNDROME DU CORNICHON) (2012, Géraldine Doignon, Belgium, A+)


58.POOR EDWARD (2009, Dean Kavanagh, Ireland, A+)


59.NO CHANGE (2008, Dean Kavanagh, Ireland, A+)


60.THE MASSEURS นวดแล้วสบายใจจัง (2013, Nuttorn Kungwanklai, documentary, A+/A)


61.BIG IS BEAUTIFUL (2012, Charlotte de Turckheim, A+/A)


62.THE SARDINIA HORSES AND HORSEMEN (2010, Svea Anderson, documentary, A+/A)


63.WHY ME? (2011, Amine Chiboub, Tunisia, A+/A)


64.THE MAD DIVERS OF LAKE BAIKAL (2010, Wolfgang Mertin, documentary, A)


65.COMME CHEZ SOI (2011, Lorenzo Gabriele, A)


66.WHAT SHARK FIN REALLY TASTES OF…(2013, Sipakorn Kungsapichart + Anonymous, video installation, A)


67.BANGKOK TRAFFIC LOVE STORY: REDUX (2013, Richard De Domenici, A)


68.FRENCH FRIED VACATION (LES BRONZÉS) (1978, Patrice Leconte, A-)


69.THERE IS NO SPACE FOR ME (2013, Anusorn Soisa-ngim, A-)


70.MAMA (2013, Andrés Muschietti, A-/B+)


71.LES BRONZÉS FONT DU SKI (1979, Patrice Leconte, B+)


72.OUR SECRET ARCHIVES (2006, Noël Tortajada, Switzerland, TV series, B+/B)


73.CHOICE คู่ซี้ดีแต่ฝัน (2013, Preeti Barameeanant + Parinya Intachai, B)

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