Sunday, November 10, 2013


Favorite quote from Thomas Harlan about the film GUN WOUND (1984, Thomas Harlan):
“I see one of the most blatant, ordinary muder weapons in the world, namely a really nice granddad.”
The quote above unintentionally reminds me of the film OCTOBLUR ลมตุลาคม (2013, Patana Chirawong, documentary, A+25), which deals with a nephew of a prime minister; S21: THE KHMER ROUGE KILLING MACHINE (2003, Rithy Panh, Cambodia, documentary, A+30); and THE ACT OF KILLING (2012, Joshua Oppenheimer, Indonesia, documentary, A+30), because all of these films deal with killers who look like ordinary people or nice granddads.
The following quote is from Diagonal Thoughts website:
Wundkanal by Thomas Harlan is a fiction film about a killer. Notre Nazi by Robert Kramer kills the fiction.

But the Killer is a real-life killer, and never before in the history of cinema did an audience get so intimate with a murderer like doctor Alfred Filbert, did an audience get so close to his face and to his skin.

Indeed, Alfred Filbert – the archetypal gentel German grandpa – belonged to the inner circle of nine men who in Hitler’s terror state planned the Holocaust; so in the film he appears as an actor and as himself, playing his own part in history.

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