Monday, November 25, 2013

Films seen in the World Film Festival of Bangkok 2013

Films seen in the World Film Festival of Bangkok 2013
(in roughly preferential order)
1.ECLIPSES (2012, Daniel Hui, Singapore, A+30)
2.INNOCENTS (2012, Wong Chen-hsi, Singapore, A+30)
3.JONATHAS’ FOREST (2012, Sergio Andrade, Brazil, A+30)
4.WHAT THEY DON’T TALK ABOUT, WHEN THEY TALK ABOUT LOVE (2013, Mouly Surya, Indonesia, A+30)
5.A MONTH IN THAILAND (2012, Paul Negoescu, Romania, A+30)
6.WORKERS (2013, Jose Luis Valle, Mexico, A+30)
7.A WOMAN AND WAR (2012, Junichi Inoue, Japan, A+30)
8.NEIGHBOURING SOUNDS (2012, Kleber Mendonça Filho, Brazil, A+30)
9.CAMBODIA, AFTER FAREWELL (2012, Iv Charbonneau-Ching, documentary, A+25)
10.JULIA’S COFFEE (2012, Tan Bee Thiam, Singapore/Malaysia, A+25)
11.BY THE RIVER (2013, Nontawat Numbenchapol, documentary, A+20)
12.TABU (2012, Miguel Gomes, Portugal, A+20)
13.TOM AT THE FARM (2013, Xavier Dolan, Canada, A+20)
14.YOUNG AND BEAUTIFUL (2013, François Ozon, France, A+20)
15.REBIRTH (2013, M. Suurya, Malaysia, A+20)
16.SYNECDOCHE, NEW YORK (2008, Charlie Kaufman, A+15)
17.PECULIAR VACATION AND OTHER ILLNESSESS (2012, Yosep Anggi Noen, Indonesia, A+15)
18.ROCK THE CASBAH (2012, Yariv Horowitz, Israel, A+15)
19.TO MY DEAR GRANNY (2012, Chu Yu-ning, Taiwan, A+15)
20.A PLACE ON EARTH (2013, Fabienne Godet, France, approximately A+)
21.APOLITICAL ROMANCE (2013, Hsieh Chun-yi, Taiwan, A+/A)
22.INSTANT MOMMY (2013, Leo Abaya, Philippines, A+/A)
23.THE ZEBRA (2012, Fernando Javier Leon Rodriguez, Mexico, A)
24.GIMME THE POWER (2012, Olallo Rubio, Mexico, documentary, A-)
25.EXCHANGE (2013, Ato Bautista, Philippines, A-)
26.STEPPING ON THE FLYING GLASS (2012, Eugene Panji, Indonesia, C+)

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