Saturday, January 19, 2008

PRASADTAEK (2007, Panpassa Thoobthien, A+)

This is my comment in Dechito’s blog:

Thank you very much for bringing me to see PRASADTAEK (2007, Panpassa Thoobthien, A+). I also like the third story (office scene) very much, and I like the fourth story (two old women) the second. I’m not sure why, but I guess it may be because the first and second story are a little bit far from my real life. It’s like watching other people’s stories, not watching stories which may be compared to my life. The fourth story is also a little bit far from my real life, but somehow I love the old murderess. She’s a fascinating character. The moment when she and her friend were panicking is also a moment which is truly frightening for me. I mean the situation in the first story (a suspected bomb in an airport) and the situation in the second story (a woman was tied up) are something which can hardly happen in my daily life. But I can imagine that our daily life can be shockingly interrupted like the old women’s lives when we begin to fear that there might be a random killer targeting us.

The fifth story is not far from real life, but it doesn’t cause heightened emotion as the third and fourth story.


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