Saturday, January 12, 2008


Moalboalfilmsociety has left a comment in my blog about a music video shot by Taiki Sakpisit.

This is a music video of the song AGAETIS BYRJUN by Sigur Ros, shot on the streets of San Francisco. You can watch it in the link below:

I think this is a kind of documentary-music video. I think this music video can be viewed together with two films—ALABAMA: 2000 LIGHT YEARS FROM HOME (1969, Wim Wenders, A+), which has some nice scenes of car moving, and SOMETHING MORE THAN NIGHT (2003, Daniel Eisenberg), which observes daily (or nightly) lives of ordinary people.

This is the synopsis of ALABAMA: 2000 LIGHT YEARS FROM HOME in

“Because the driver is unable to fulfill correctly his order to kill somebody, he and his friends have to pay the price. "Alabama" is a road-movie. The camera is constantly in the back of the car shooting through the back window... But more important than this story is how the song "All Along the Watchtower" by Bob Dylan is changing when it is interpreted by Jimi Hendrix. And the recurring album of the Stones "His Satanic Majesty's Request".”

This is the synopsis of SOMETHING MORE THAN NIGHT in

“Composed entirely of long-take, stolen shots taken at night in Chicago, this dialogue-free, music-free film is an experimental meditation on urban spaces and the denizens who live in them.”

--Taiki Sakpisit directed a short film called BUNGALOWZEN: THE AMERICAN TRILOGY (2004, 19 minutes), which I like very much. It is full of scenes of car moving. He also shot a short video which was used as a background of a stage performance called NO TRANSLATION (2007, Terry Hatfield, A). Taiki also has a blog at . His blog is full of nice photographs, especially photographs of Butoh performances.