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Thank you very much for your useful information about Quebecois cinema.

Living in Bangkok all my life, I have very limited experience with Quebecois films, but my favorite ones are:

1.SOUS-SOL (NOT ME) (1996, Pierre Gang)
I posted a comment on this film in IMDB here

2.TU AS CRIE “LET ME GO” (1998, Anne Claire Poirier)
This is a documentary film about the director who tried to come to terms with losing her daughter. I gave it A- just after watching it. (The grade implies how much I like it, not how good the film is.) But strangely, after a while, I find myself crying every time I think of its ending. So now this film is one of my most favorite documentaries of all time.

3.TWO SUMMERS (2002, Bruce Lapointe)
It is an English language film, but was filmed in Quebec.

4.DOSSIER SANS TITRE (UNTITLED FOLDER) (1998, Benedicte Ronfard)
A short film about children and violence. Very powerful and shocking.

5.LES MARCHES DE LONDRES (LONDON’S MARKET) (1996, Mireille Dansereau)
I can’t remember much about it. I saw it in January 2000. This is a 24-minute film. If I don’t remember it wrong, this film shows a documentary image of London’s Markets in 1969, but the film also presents some dialogues between two unseen people, which make the film seem like a hybrid between fiction-documentary. Maybe this film should be shown together with LONDON (1994, Patrick Keiller).

The Quebecois films which I would like to see very much are

1.A SCREAM FROM SILENCE (1979, Anne Claire Poirier)
From what I have heard about it, I think the film might be like THE ACCUSED + ADAPTATION. The film is about ‘a film about a rape victim’, the (fictional?) filmmakers’ reactions to the film, and the (true?) story which inspired the filmmakers to make this film.

I think Ron Burnett wrote a very good article about this film in the book “CULTURES OF VISION: IMAGES, MEDIA, AND THE IMAGINARY”

2.POSSIBLE WORLDS (2000, Robert Lepage)
Tilda Swinton is in it, and I think it might be as weird as her other films which I would like to see very much, such as FRIENDSHIP’S DEATH (1987, Peter Wollen), or THE PARTY: NATURE MORTE (1991, Cynthia Beatt). Someone should organize a Tilda Swinton retrospective.

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