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Thank you very much for writing about this. I’m fed up with what the Thai authority did to Thai cinema, too. It’s bad enough that the Thai authority rarely helps Thai cinema. But that’s tolerable, in my point of view. I think that getting no help from the government is bearable. But what is unacceptable is that the authority now becomes the enemy of good Thai cinema—by trying to censor SYNDROMES AND A CENTURY. In conclusion, what I want to say to the authority is, “I don’t mind if you don’t help us, but please don’t destroy us.”

The Thai Censorship Board seems to have no reliable standards. I don’t understand why they want to try to censor the scenes about doctor drinking and doctor’s covered erection in SYNDROMES AND A CENTURY. There were two Thai films in the past which told two true stories about Thai doctors who kill their own wives. These two films are NUANCHAWEE (1984) and SAYAMOL (1995, Apichart Halumjiak). So what the Thai Censorship Board did is like saying, “It’s okay to make a movie about doctors who kill their own wives, but it’s not okay to make a movie about doctors who drink alcohol and get a hard-on in his trousers.” Isn’t this kind of thinking absurd? What reasons? So killing one’s own wife in Thailand is more acceptable than drinking alcoholic drinks?

The censoring of covered hard-on scene is ridiculous, too. I haven’t seen SYNDROMES AND A CENTURY, but I’m sure the hard-on scene in this film is not as explicit as the one in TENACIOUS D IN THE PICK OF DESTINY, which is allowed to be shown in Thai theatres with no censorship.

The behavior of the monks in SYNDROMES AND A CENTURY might be wrong according to the religious principles, but I think every filmmaker has the right to portray wrong behaviors of people if it’s not too much. And certainly playing guitars and playing flying saucers are not too much. Some Thai monks do things much worse than that in reality. In Thailand, some Thai monks are murderers. They kill each other. And ten years ago, one British tourist was raped and murdered by a Thai monk. I wish some filmmakers make a movie out of this murder story just to annoy the Thai Censorship Board.

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