Wednesday, January 27, 2010

32 DEC (2009, Rergchai Puongpetch, A+++++)

I couldn't stop laughing when I was watching Goh Tee near the end of 32 DEC. He only plays one scene in this film, and it's the reason why I give this film A+++++. I think it is very interesting that we laugh at Goh Tee in this film because he seems to speak English "correctly", not "incorrectly". His seemingly-correct pronunciation seems to contrast a lot with his own image, thus it creates a hugh laughter.

I think it is also interesting that Goh Tee gives his best performances (in my point of view) in 32 DEC and in SAB SANIT SIT SAI NAR (2006, Rergchai Puongpetch), but not in Poj Arnon's films.

I also like it very much that the characters in this film do the things I want them to do. When the hero in this film finds out who he really loves, he tells it straightforwardly to the lover of his beloved and to his beloved, instead of hiding his love for silly reasons like in other films. I also like it that the hero tells his girlfriend (Noon) straightforwardly that he may not really love her. I like this kind of frankness very much.

I also love the character Noon very much, because she really wants to have sex with the hero. Hahaha.

This is a photo of Sirut Witayathavornvongs, an actor in 32 DEC:

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