Sunday, January 24, 2010


I just wrote an article about 20 YOUNG INDEPENDENT THAI DIRECTORS. It is just published on INDIAN AUTEURS website. You can read the article here:

You can also read the article in the e-magazine INDIAN AUTEURS: ISSUE NO.8 via the link below

My article is on the pages 45-56. I think the magazine uses a wrong photo on the page 54, though, because that photo is from A SHORT FILM ABOUT THE INDIO NACIONAL (2005, Raya Martin).

I hope you enjoy my article. Thanks a lot to INDIAN AUTEURS for publishing my work.

(Since this article is about "young" directors, I arbitrarily choose only directors whom I assume are not over 30 years old.)


Matthew Hunt said...


celinejulie said...

Thank you very much, Matthew.

I just woke up this morning and thought that maybe there was not a mistake at all. Maybe the magazine used that photo not as a photo from a Thai film, but as an expression of awe or wonder for Thai filmmakers, judging from the faces of the children in the photo. Maybe I misunderstood the magazine's good intention and misunderstood its creative use of photo. :-)

Whatever it is, I admire the editor a lot for creating such a great magazine.

WiseKwai said...

I second that congratulations. Well done. It's an informative article. These are directors to watch.

The magazine uses a lot of images from films that don't appear to have anything to do with the films they illustrate. I think they are images the editors had strong feelings about and wanted to use to illustrate the articles. I liked the use of the Kon Fai Bin photo with Diew Chupong riding a rocket as the lead-in for your article.

celinejulie said...

Thank you very much, Wise Kwai. I also like that flying rocket photo. :-)