Thursday, January 07, 2010


EDEN AND AFTER (1970, Alain Robbe-Grillet, A++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++) is one of my most favorite films of all time. You can watch the entire film with English subtitles from the link below:

I got to know about the availability of this clip from


pc said...

Holy shyt! That's the whole film!

Thank my love. At least I got something to help me survive another night of insomnia, and YouTube is my only access for the time being.

And you know what? I've just found a trailer of the film I watched about twenty-four years ago. That was long before I became a film addicted. It's VHS with no English title for me to track it down but some scenes from this film left me with some permanent scars in my head for all these years.

Have you seen "Contraband (1980, Lucio Fulci)"? I found this trailer while checking out some channels with whole lotta Italian trash, then I came across this long lost friend. Oh ... my, still miss the scene when the wife of our protagonist was anally abused while captured as hostage. So glad I discovered this, just can't keep it only to myself.

First I thought I wouldn't even be able to identify this film forever. To me it could probably be another forgotten 'cause it look like just an action flick with gross-out twist. Alahhh ... it turns out to be a film made by Lucio Fulci. What a surprise, I couldn't find this film in Lucio Fulci section in the store where I did my part time. I guess at that time it wasn't out on video (that's ten years ago already), so all I found there were only his cannibal stuff.

Have a look if you have time

Lucio Fulci - "Contraband"

Miss you.

celinejulie said...

I'm very glad to hear from you again. I'm sorry I haven't commented in Bioscope webboard lately, because I have spent most of my free time in Facebook instead. I rarely even have time to write for my own blog now.

I hope you enjoy EDEN AND AFTER. I also just discovered that TRANS-EUROP-EXPRESS (1966, Alain Robbe-Grillet, A+++++) is available at Google Video, too.

I haven't seen CONTRABAND yet, but from the trailer I guess the film has a lot of charming things often found in B-grade films. I have seen only one film by Fulci – THE BEYOND (1981), which I think has some interesting things in it, but I don't quite enjoy its gore.

Yes, some films can haunt your memories for a long time though you don't know their titles. There is a film I watched from Channel 3 when I was a little child, but I don't know its title, though I like the film very much. It is a horror film about a cursed stone which was put on an aeroplane flying out of UK or something like that. The film is quite scary. I tried to search for the title of this film in IMDB.COM using plots or plot keywords, but I can't find it.

There are many Italian films I wish I could see, including

1.GRAN BOLLITO (1977, Mauro Bolognini), in which Shelley Winters plays a cannibalistic lady during the Fascist era.

2.SALOME (1972, Carmelo Bene)

3.DILLINGER IS DEAD (1969, Marco Ferreri)

4. ALMOST A MAN (1966, Vittorio De Seta)

5.CONFORTORIO (1992, Paolo Benvenuti)