Thursday, July 12, 2012

COSMOPOLIS (2012, David Cronenberg, A+30)

COSMOPOLIS (2012, David Cronenberg, A+30)

One of the reasons why I worship this film is the same reason why I worship THE DEVIL, PROBABLY (1977, Robert Bresson), THE SEVENTH CONTINENT (1989, Michael Haneke), and NOTHINGNESS (สุญญตา) (2012, Pattamon Sawasdi). These four films make me reflect on my own life.

This is what Bresson talks about THE DEVIL, PROBABLY:  "a film about the evils of money, a source of great evil in the world whether for unnecessary armaments or the senseless pollution of the environment."

The great pleasure I get from COSMOPOLIS unintentionally reminds me of the great pleasure I get from one of my most favorite scenes of all time in THE DEVIL, PROBABLY:

" Young Man: In losing my life, here's what I'd lose! [He takes out a piece of paper from his pocket and begins to read from it] Family planning. Package holidays, cultural, sporting, linguistic. The cultivated man's library. All sports. How to adopt a child. Parent-Teachers Association. Education. Schooling: 0 to 7 years, 7 to 14 years, 14 to 17 years. Preparation for marriage. Military duties. Europe. Decorations (honorary insignia). The single woman. Sickness: paid. Sickness: unpaid. The successful man. Tax benefits for the elderly. Local rates. Rent-purchase. Radio and television rentals. Credit cards. Home repairs. Index-linking. VAT and the consumer... [He crumples the paper up and throws it with disgust into the fireplace.]

Psychiatrist: Loss of appetite often accompanies severe depression.

Young Man: I'm not depressed. I just want the right to be myself. Not to be forced to give up wanting more . . . to replace true desires with false ones based on statistics...
[The pyschiatrist starts on his diagnosis of the young man's condition.]

Psychiatrist: . . . would impede your psychological development and would explain the root of your disgust and your wish to die.

Young Man: But I don't want to die!

Psychiatrist: Of course you do!

Young Man: I hate life. But I hate death, too. I find it appalling.
[The young man further contends:]". . . if I commit suicide . . . I can't think I'll be condemned for not comprehending the incomprehensible.""

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