Saturday, August 04, 2012

Favorite actresses in 2012 so far

Favorite actresses in 2012 so far

This list is not conclusive. It is just a note I made in order to remember some female performances I like. The list is inspired by Chayanin Tiangpitayagorn.

1.Angela Schanelec -- AFTERNOON (2007, Angela Schanelec)

2.Isild Le Besco -- DEEP IN THE WOODS (2010, Benoît Jacquot),

3.Julia Sporre -- A THOUSAND TIMES STRONGER (2010, Peter Schildt)

4.Kang Soo-yeon -- COME, COME, COME UPWARD (1989, Im Kwon-Taek)

5.Nicolette Krebitz -- THE CITY BELOW (2010, Christoph Höchhausler)

6.Sarah Gadon -- COSMOPOLIS (2012, David Cronenberg)

7.Vanessa Redgrave -- CORIOLANUS (2011, Ralph Fiennes)

8.Yolande Moreau -- VILLA MARGUERITE (2008, Denis Malleval)

9.The lead actress of W (2012, Chonlasit Upanigkit)

10.The lead actress of FORGIVE (2012, Siwatchaya Siwamoke)
นางเอกของ "อภัย" (ศิวัชญา ศิวโมกษ์)

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