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The list below is inspired by Wiwat Lertwiwatwongsa (Filmsick).

Sometimes I wish characters in different films should meet one another, for example:

1.The heroine of NOTHING CAN TOUCH ME (2011, Milad Alami, Denmark, A+30) should meet the heroine (Sophie Traub) of TENDERNESS (2009, John Polson, A+30).

2.The heroine of THE SONG OF THE RAIN (2011, Aygul Bakanova, Kyrgyzstan, A+30) should meet the heroine of LOST (หาย) (2012, Suphisara Kittikunarak, A+15), the heroine (Louise Szpindel) of STRONG SHOULDERS (2003, Ursula Meier, Switzerland, A+30), and the heroine of WORLD MASTER (1994, Zoran Solomun, Germany, A+30).

The heroine of THE SONG OF THE RAIN reminds me of the heroine of LOST, because both heroines seem to enjoy the status quo and their own roles at first, but then both heroines discover that there's something not right about it, and both of them express their own dissatisfaction at the end. The heroine of THE SONG OF THE RAIN does that by singing. The heroine of LOST does that by refusing to play a song.

The heroine of LOST also reminds me of the heroines of STRONG SHOULDERS and WORLD MASTER. The heroine of LOST refuses to play the song like the heroine of WORLD MASTER, while the heroine of STRONG SHOULDERS refuses to run in a competition at the end.

3.The two heroines of CHALK (2010, Martina Amati, UK, A+15) should meet the two heroines of GHOSTS (2005, Christian Petzold, Germany, A+30), starring Julia Hummer and Sabine Timoteo.

The two heroines in both films have the same model of coupling: One heroine is extroverted, while the other is introverted. But both films allow the introverted ones to shine. There's a great audition scene in GHOSTS, in which Julia Hummer, who seems very shy, stuns the audience when she speaks. That scene reminds me of CHALK.

4.The two subversive heroines of TANGERINE (2012, Kawitsara Phannapanukul + Wassachol Sirichanthanun, A+30) should meet the two subversive heroines of DAISIES (1966, Vera Chytilová, Czechoslovakia) and the two heroines of CAGEY TIGERS (Aramisova, Czech, A+30).

5.The free-spirited heroine of OVER THE SEVEN HILLS AND FAR AWAY (2011, Gunter Franke, Germany, A+10) should meet the heroine of BUDDHA MOUNTAIN (2010, Li Yu, China, A+15), starring Fan Bingbing.

6. The heroine of FROZEN STORIES (2011, Grzegorz Jaroszuk +Jana Rosola, Poland, A+10) should meet Kati Outinen.

7.The two heroines who perform a strange ritual in a forest in PROVERBS (2011, Chompunutt Mayta, A+30) should meet the two heroines who perform a strange ritual in a forest in MV: RED SWAN BY THE MOB (Milad Alami, Denmark, A+)

The photo is from TENDERNESS.

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celinejulie said...

8. The biological mother in SUDDENLY, ZINAT (2012, Navid Nikkhah Azad, Iran, A+10) should meet the biological mother in TALKING HEART (1968, U Thu Kha, Myanmar, A+).