Sunday, August 26, 2012

Favorite quote from Hartmut Bitomsky about Harun Farocki

Favorite quote from Hartmut Bitomsky about Harun Farocki:

"I think Farocki is coming from Eisenstein, and I'm coming from Rossellini. Farocki is very fond of montage,I'm more interested in life, as it is object as they are."

The photo is from DUST (2007, Hartmut Bitomsky).


celinejulie said...

It is interesting to note that while Hartmut Bitomsky makes a distinction between Sergei Eisenstein and Roberto Rossellini, Godard also makes a distinction between Sergei Eisenstein, who directed QUE VIVA MEXICO!, with Roberto Rossellini, too.

This is what Jean-Luc Godard wrote about the film INDIA (1959, Roberto Rossellini, 90 min):

"INDIA runs counter to all normal cinema: the image merely complements the idea which provokes it. INDIA is a film of absolute logic, more Socratic than Socrates. Each image is beautiful, not because it is beautiful in itself, like a shot from QUE VIVA MEXICO!, but because it has the splendour of the true, and Rossellini starts from truth. He has already gone on from the point which others may perhaps reach in twenty years time. INDIA embraces the cinema of the whole world, as the theories of Riemann and Planck embraced geometry and classical physics. In a future issue, I shall show why INDIA is the creation of the world."

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