Sunday, August 12, 2012

ALWAYS ON MY MIND (2012, Sakchai Deenan, B+)

ALWAYS ON MY MIND (2012, Sakchai Deenan, B+)

Serious spoilers alert:

I like GOOD MORNING, LUANG PRABANG (2008, Sakchai Deenan + Anusone Sirisackda, A+25) and FROM PAKSE WITH LOVE (2010, Sakchai Deenan, A+15) very much, but LAO WEDDING (2011, Sakchai Deenan, B+) is a real disappointment. Unfortunately, ALWAYS ON MY MIND (2012, Sakchai Deenan, B+) is a disappointment for me, too.

I like the first half of the film, but I don't like the soundtrack and the last part of the film, when some truths are revealed.

Actually, I'm having problem with the happy endings of this film. If all the four stories of this film have sad endings, the ones in which the protagonists must accept the disappointments in their romantic lives, I might have given this film A+30.

This may be the case of my personal taste. And that's why I worship such romantic films as CEREMONY (2010, Max Winkler, A+15), LOVE STORY (มันเกิดจากความรัก) (2012, Anuphap Autta, A+30), and PRESENT PERFECT (2012, Anusorn Soisa-ngim, A+15). I love the disappointments of the protagonists in these films.



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